A Guide to Amazon Product Insert Cards

Nowadays we’re more focused on online marketing strategies for our businesses. But while the internet plays a huge role in a company’s success, there are also offline strategies that we tend to ignore. One of these is using product insert cards.

Today, we’ll focus on product insert cards – from what they are, how they can help, and how you can use it on Amazon and other eCommerce sites such as eBay.

What are Product Insert Cards?

Product insert cards are printed materials that you can include with your package before you send it to your customer. These are normally the size of a business card and can be big as a postcard that contains different kinds of information. What you write on it could make a difference in how your customers see you as a company.

Generally, product insert cards can potentially help your business create a satisfactory customer service, or you can engage with your audience.

However, Amazon has a set of guidelines that can help sellers when creating their product insert cards. They aim to stop spamming which often lead customers with a bad impression of the site and the seller.

Amazon guideline

Amazon has set up a general guideline that sellers should abide by. The site is strict with its implementation. If your seller account is caught doing any of these, your account can be suspended.

Product Insert Cards

When it comes to creating Amazon product inserts, there are two rules you should follow by all means:

  • Do not attempt to divert any customers away from Amazon to another sales process or website in any way. Therefore, your product insert card shouldn’t encourage your buyers to leave the Amazon site.
  • Don’t offer any incentives in exchange for a positive review. Any kind of manipulation of feedback, rating or review is strictly prohibited.

Why Use Product Insert Cards?

You can use Amazon product insert cards to do two things: a) decrease negative reviews for your products and b) increase the positive ones. But there are also several other benefits depending on how you create your card.

Increase positive reviews

With these cards, you can encourage your customers to write a review about the product and your customer service. CTAs on the cards can help direct them what to do right after opening your package.

To make it even easier for them, you can provide the link to your Amazon seller account where they can leave comments. You can also put a step by step process of how they can do that for more clarity.

These are best done for new products so you can acquire reviews for them in a short period of time. But you can also do it for your existing products.

Increase sales

For the products you have that already have a sufficient amount of reviews, you can tweak your Amazon product insert card to rake up your sales. Once you’re able to increase sales, your ranking will increase and will ultimately cause an increase in organic sales.

You can add exclusive offers on your product insert cards such as discounts and exclusive sales. However, since there’s a strict rule about using incentives as reviews, it is better not to add any CTA regarding making reviews or feedbacks.

This type of insert card should only be used for the sole purpose of getting more sales.

amazon product cards

By doing this, you’re making your customer feel special, and it sparks something in them to buy repeatedly from you. Don’t forget to thank them for buying and if you can, make your card personalized, so they feel like it’s made solely for them.

Establish your brand

Branding is important when you’re setting up a business. The more people remember you for the right reasons, the more you’re likely to become successful.

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