Advantages and disadvantages of selling quality products

Selling is a function of marketing that deals with knowing what the client needs and wants and responding through planned, personalized communication that influences purchase decisions and enhances future business opportunities. It also adds utility or usefulness to the products. And it helps the customers to determine their needs by providing opportunities for two-way communication between customers and the marketers.

The selling concept works under the poor assumption that the consumers will not purchase enough of the company’s products unless large-scale promotional and selling effort has been made. The focus of selling is more on selling the product of a company without comprehending the market needs and increasing sales.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling quality products

Selling Process

  1. Prospecting- you need to determine which consumer will you target
  2. Pre-approach- the marketer will survey the needs of the potential consumer
  3. Approach- this is where the salesperson will have the deal between the consumer
  4. Presentation- this part is where sales talk happens
  5. Handling Objections- this part is the first customer service. The marketer will provide answers to such questions and doubts
  6. Closing- this step is the part where the customer is asked to order
  7. Follow-up- the evaluation step, the marketer will follow-up the customer to ensure satisfaction

Advantages and disadvantages of selling quality products

Factors in selling

  1. Competition- you should be aware of your competitors. Think of anything that will surpass you against your co-marketer.
  2. Market share- you need to think about the sales volume and revenue
  3. Customer base- you need to assess the consumer’s needs
  4. Marketing strategy- you need to have a marketing roadmaps and forms an essential part of the business plan
  5. Quality products- before selling out, make sure to have good and high-quality products

Quality Products

Quality products are those products that are offered by the sellers, which have features and characteristics that are absolutely good. It is the products ability to do what it is supposed to do and how well it holds up over time. This is a competitive market for brands that affects purchasing decisions and profitability.

Selling quality products is important for the business because it can build trust with the customers, it can also fuel word of mouth and social media recommendations for more unpaid advertisements for the products and produce fewer customer complaints and returns. Because people care about aesthetics, they notice every detail of the product that is why good quality products will definitely add up to their purchasing decisions.

Quality products also produce a higher return on investment for any market share. Fewer defects will improve profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling quality products

Advantages of Quality Products

  1. Reputation- having quality products increases the company’s reputation.
  2. Profit- of course, what is good quality without gaining enough quality? Return on investment is a crucial part of business
  3. Back-end sales- customers that will always return to buy your product is a good customer for your growing business
  4. Joint ventures- with your quality products, other marketers will tend to have partnership instead of competing because you’ve already invested much that they can compete.
  5. Return on investment- the higher the product quality of the product, the faster the return on investment
  6. Returns- high-quality product, lesser product return. More money in your pocket.
  7. Resales opportunities- good product quality will open opportunities for added value and can offer future sales
  8. Affiliate promotions- once you will have good product quality, opportunities like product affiliates will be able to open right in front of you
  9. Future partnership- more partners will accompany you and not against you because you have already put up with a lot of investment
  10. Satisfaction- customer’s satisfaction is one of the factors why you need to produce high-quality products. Increase satisfaction, increase sales.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling quality products

Disadvantages of quality products

The only disadvantage of selling a quality product is that it is expensive. Some people will opt to buy inexpensive products even though it is of poor quality because they can buy it cheaper than those much expensive, high-quality products. Many manufacturers are producing more poor quality products because it sells more than those good quality products. That is the reason why most brands are worried because some factories are imitating their products thus producing lesser quality.

There have been numerous issues regarding this crisis. And a lot has been coming from brands in the United States that are imitated by factories mostly in Asia. It has been shipping worldwide because of the affordable prices but the only catch is, it is made from poor raw materials and will only for a couple of weeks and months, worst is just days. You can even recognize its resemblance because of the packaging, the price and the product itself. Having these kinds of products definitely would decrease the sales of the quality ones and it is alarming because the consumer will go to those products, which are way more inexpensive.

Even though the quality is defined by the seller, it is judged by the buyer. It is important to sell the value than the price. Think strategically, lead holistically. One thing to know to have a successful business is to know and believe in the products you are selling. Keep doing brainstorming, gaining ideas from everyone, weigh the best for the company to meet the needs of your target market.

Because of the rise of the imitated products, you need to take responsibility as well for the quality cannot rest exclusively with the products alone. As marketers, you should be active in contributing to the perceptions of quality, do not be passive about in managing quality. Successful businesses today use marketing techniques to plan, design and implement strategies that stretch beyond the marketing floor.

The trust, credibility, and loyalty that comes from satisfied customers will generate repeated sales and ignites positive recommendations about the product that helps a company to reach new consumers. The things you sell must also be safe for usage. Avoid selling low-quality products that can cause harm to the consumer because aside from getting bad reviews, your consumer’s safety will be at stake.

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