Alexa and Power of Voice

This is the evolution of technology! Away now from the controls that you need your hands for because, with just your voice, you can have your commands. What more could you ask for in this era of pure convenience? Almost everything has been developing into a high technology standard and the ease of life that it brings definitely does not let itself be ignored.

Here comes Alexa, the intelligent personal assistant that has been developed by Amazon, the giant in online retail. It operates in iOS 8.0, Android 4.4, and other newer operating systems. If you have a device that is fit for it, then you can have your very own Alexa. This only consumes 4.6MB for an iOS and 3MB for Android.

What is Alexa and what can it do?

The name Alexa came up from the Library of Alexandria where it houses all of the world’s knowledge. Apparently, this has been the target of Amazon for its Alexa. It wants this artificial intelligence to have as much information as possible and as many skills as well in order to be of many conveniences for its users. Plus, Amazon chose this name because of the rarity of the ‘x’ sound. With this, the artificial intelligence would not mistake any other words that sound like it around the house as the ‘x’ sound is not really used that much in the daily conversation.

Alexa can do so much and as of writing, it already has 3,200 skills that you can take advantage of. But there are some that can definitely catch your attention at first glance. If you are into cooking, then it can help you find recipes and assist you in the directions as to how you can make it. Alexa is also capable of narrating your Kindle for you or even for your kids. So, while you relax a little bit, you have an assistant which takes care of your kids by reading to them. If you get hungry, Alexa can help you order food at nearby restaurants. And, since it has been developed by Amazon, Alexa can make tracking your Amazon packages a huge convenience.

Alexa and Power of Voice

Alexa has been first used with Echo. These are both products of Amazon and therefore made to be compatible with each other. One thing is for sure, Echo has the operating system that has been developed only recently that’s why it is possible to integrate Alexa into its system.

You can definitely do a lot of things with Alexa on your Amazon Echo. Are you too busy to get up from your worktable and turn on some music? Just say “Alexa, play some music” and you will definitely have it right there and then. You can even specify which song you want on. That’s right, you don’t even have to make so much effort other than that. Then, you can concentrate on your work.

Another command that you can have with it is the weather information. You just have to say “Alexa, what’s the weather?” in order for you to know what’s out there and for you to have an accurate information as to how your day will be based on the weather. You can also save much of your time by asking Alexa about the time and traffic that you are most likely to have on your way to work.

This amazing artificial intelligence can also help you out in the kitchen when you are preparing for your meals. You can ask it for setting a timer for such time that you need to come back to it for a few minutes later. Plus, with the third-party compatibility, you ordering food from nearby restaurants has been made possible and with great convenience.

Alexa and Power of Voice

What is Alexa mostly used for?

As it turns out from the survey made by Statista during May of 2016, most people use Alexa for playing a song. This has been repetitively done which is followed by the controlling of lights, setting a timer, connecting to paid music service, reading the news and lastly, the adding of items to shopping list. With this, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon has been right when he said that Amazon Alexa is not only made for shopping on Amazon. In fact, it has a lot of skills and the survey has got it covered.

Alexa and Power of Voice

Are you tired of all the notifications?

No problem, Alexa has got your back. You can turn notifications for supported features on or off by some simple steps.

First, you need to go to the menu and then select Settings. Scroll down and find the Accounts section then select Notifications. You can view the notification options by selecting a feature that is on Amazon. Then, it is for you to decide whether it should be turned on or off, depending on your preference. Easy.

These are the awesome conveniences offered to you by the Amazon Alexa. Again, this AI is compatible with operating systems that run iOS 8.0, Android 4.4, and the latest updates. You can expect awesome services with these and definitely a more livable life. If you do not have this technology yet, you can have it now and experience a whole new technology in your cosy home.

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