Australia Finally Welcomes Amazon Advertising Products in their Market

Australian buyers were rejoicing when was launched back in December 2017. The successful launching has made a positive impact on Amazon. This contributed to a rise in numbers of unique visitors, for up to millions. Since then, it has become easier for Australians to buy the things they need online! Amazon also opened doors for them where they could discover brand-new products and other brands to try out.

As of April 2019, Amazon has announced the launching of Amazon Advertising in Australia. The move helped agencies and advertisers like to have a platform that allows them to reach a wider audience.

The great thing about Amazon Advertising is that they cater to anyone, even those that do not sell on Amazon. Many Australian brands and companies can now deliver their message to customers. They can grow their business and discover untapped potential on the market.

Local Agencies and Advertisers Have Their Own Spotlight!

With the support of  Amazon Advertising, growing companies can see more opportunities ahead. Small businesses have a chance when it comes to the expansion and acquiring of prospects.

Social proof is crucial to what companies like Australian Seller strives to build up. It gives them powerful credibility to develop an impressive track record through advertising with Amazon. Customers want to associate with businesses with a positive reputation. Advertising through Amazon lets companies show customers that they are reliable and trustworthy.

What Does Amazon Advertising Offer That Hyped Up People on the Australian Marketing Side?

Agencies and advertisers can use display ads with video ads in promoting businesses. There is also the Amazon DSP or Demand Side Platform that focuses on programmatically acquiring display and videos.

amazon advertising products

Working with Amazon Advertising doesn’t mean you only have to advertise on related sites or apps. Advertisers can actually show their ads on sites and apps that aren’t owned by Amazon. Agencies and advertisers don’t need to sell products on-site if they only want to buy display ads.

Feel free to take the traffic to your product pages. Direct them to your store, to your own landing page, or even to a third-party website—whatever floats your boat!

In addition, you can reach out to the right audience through Amazon Advertising. Amazon promises advertisers with accurate shopping insights that can help with sales. This is a powerful tool which advertisers would want to get their own hands on. Amazon recognizes that advertisers need to know their customers’ preferences.

This video from Amazon Advertising YouTube channel tells about the focus on advertising with intent in mind. Amazon Advertising promises to empower businesses and aids them in acquiring customers. Building strong relationships with clients is the key to a good business.

In the end, even though Amazon may have been a little late in penetrating the Australian market, it still brings in good opportunities and helps uplift a good number of local agencies and advertisers who are looking for growth in business.

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