Amazon bestseller rank, why is important?

Shopping is the act of a customer browsing the available products or services presented by retailers with or without an intent to purchase. For quite some time, it has been partly as a leisure activity to bond and make connections with other retailers and consumers. It has been of great help to the economy as well. In the history, Agora in Greece was the first marketplace of the consumers and the sellers, they put up stalls and shops for their products. Starting from 1600, the purchasing of consumers started to rise, with that, sugar consumption had doubled followed by the existence of some luxury products such as tea and cotton.

As time passes by, single function stores turned into a variety of goods in one place, that is the Department Stores. The first department store was launched in 1796 at Pall Mall, London namely Harding, Howard & Co. As the shopping world seizes to exist, a variety of shopping venues are starting to pop all over the market. Listed below are some shopping venues.

Amazon bestseller rank, why is important?

Shopping venues

  1. Shopping hubs– includes a shopping mall, town squares, flea markets and bazaar. So basically, shopping hubs are the larger commercial zone or formally known as a central business district.
  2. Significant stores– these are retail stores such as bookstores, boutiques, pet stores, candy shops and stores that sell specific products or services.
  3. Neighborhood shopping- this type of store is common to North America and Asia, they are called convenience store. These shops include ice cream trucks, pharmacies, dry cleaners, and cafés.
  4. Party shopping- this type of store is done as they host a social event, then using the event to advertise their services and then take orders before the gathering ends.
  5. Home shopping- in the modern technology, were home deliveries are possible, eCommerce is growing all over the market. there are ways to home shop: mail or telephone orders from catalogues, from advertisements and online shopping. Online shopping has been used by most of the people today since the internet provides access to various products and their information.

Amazon bestseller rank, why is important?

Benefits of Online Shopping

Modern technology reveals that a lot of advantages in shopping online:

  1. Convenience- you can just do it wherever you are!
  2. Cost effective- it can even save you from the increasing gas prices, it will save your time and energy by avoiding standing in line to purchase the products if the stores are quite packed up during the busy season.
  3. Pick your choice– The internet provides a wide variety of products for you to choose from than those in the brick and mortar stores.
  4. Pressure-free– online shopping gives you autonomy in picking the product you want, no salesperson following you are annoyingly asking what you want.
  5. Hassle-free– there is no need for you to consume much energy wandering to stores in comparing prices, with just a few clicks you can visit a lot of sites.

Top online retailers

  1. Amazon.comamazon has sites for each specific country. It has been doing ranking huge profits from all of its customers.
  2. amazing thing on eBay is that anyone can sell online and it is the home to the weirdest products. If you can’t find the product you’re looking, most probably, you can buy it on eBay.
  3. Walmart don’t want to stand up in the line in Walmart? Guess what? They have an online store!
  4. Alibaba lets you buy on a larger scale. Products range from biology to agricultural to culture and everything
  5. Target.comtarget should’ve been an American shopping portal but now they deliver across the world. It is still up to the loyal customers that won’t buy anywhere.

Amazon bestseller rank, why is important?

Why is Amazon the best online shop?

Amazon first passed Google’s title as the top destination for US online shopping in 2012. Amazon was the biggest search competitor of Google according to its executive, Eric Schmidt. It has been the most satisfying website to shop because you can find anything with just a few clicks. Amazon has served a lot of sellers and consumers for the past years and as a seller, entering as one of the best seller ranks is the most important but crucial part, why? Amazon bestseller ranking means that the product has recently sold more than any other product in that category, on that store and that’s calculated hourly. Below are the reasons why the bestseller ranking is important.

Why is Amazon bestseller ranking important?

It is a good indicator of the sales of a product. They are created to be highlighted in the categories or subcategories where it stands out. Amazon chooses few of the most popular categories and showcases the item’s rank on the product’s page, although, the ranking is fluctuating. Bestseller rank can be found on most product pages when you scroll down to the product details section.

Amazon bestseller ranking is based only on the sales and not in reviews or ratings. Reviews or ratings will only influence people to buy and not put your product on the rank. But even though there is an increase in sales, it does not mean the ranking will be improved as well. Your product should sell more than the other products in that category.

How can a seller improve his Amazon best selling rank?

You need to generate more sales on Amazon than your competitors. By doing the following below, there is definitely a possibility of increase number in ranking:

  • You need to have solid keyword search for you to increase your listing’s visibility
  • You need to have a good PPC campaign optimization. PPC optimization deals with managing, testing, refining and improving campaigns that exist within a pay per click marketing campaign.
  • Improve and have Amazon ranking optimization

There are a  lot of other bestselling lists and ranking which a consumer can base their buying decision on but Amazon’s best selling rank is by far one of the most cited. It is difficult to pin down the Amazon Bestseller rank but if you’re on the right track with the high level of competence then you will definitely succeed.

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