Amazon in Australia

Amazon is finally going to be in Australia! Although the news about how it would enter the Australian market has remained a mystery for most of us, their errands on the preparation for their retail site has been quite obvious! In fact, a lot of people are into the job listings that have been made available so far for the arrival of Amazon in Australia.

There have been rumours about Amazon leasing a property in Melbourne for their retail site. A lot of people have been expecting Amazon to have its first retail operation centre in the outer south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As a matter of fact, there are job vacancies that have been posted with the corresponding skills and capabilities for the care and management of the warehouse especially on the physical warehouse activities such as lifting packages that have a maximum weight of 16 kilos. The job would also require a person who is capable of standing and walking for 10 to 12 hours a day for the supervision of how things are going in the centre.

But of course, the coming of Amazon in Australia will not only benefit job seekers but also the shoppers as well! You are going to have great opportunities for shopping at low shipping fee rates. This will follow the pattern set in the US so that Amazon in Australia can perform better in terms of customer satisfaction rate and other services that have driven Amazon to become one of the leading retail business in America. As this is so, you can just expect that your once favourite retail store other than Amazon wouldn’t be as favoured any longer.

What items are sold on Amazon?

At first, Amazon US just sold books. But now that it has grown quite huge in the industry as they have made available just almost everything that you need! If you want fresh foods, you can have it from Amazon. If you want books digital products, you definitely can have it.Now that Amazon will be in Australia, you would have almost everything that you need for an affordable price! You should also take a note of the lesser or no shipping fee, just great!

Now that Amazon will be in Australia, you will also have almost everything that you need for an affordable price! You should also take a note of the lesser or no shipping fee as well. Great!

Amazon Prime for you!

Amazon in Australia

Amazon in the US has this Amazon Prime where you can apply for a membership fee. When you are a member of this, you can have a lot of opportunities such as free video streaming, free delivery, and fast deliveries! This is definitely going to be your advantage when Amazon warehouse is finally going to be available.

Amazon Prime is also going to be offered in Australia when they finally settle in. This means that you can enjoy a lot of benefits and it is just online shopping gone too great and convenient!

Amazon AU to threaten sectors

The coming of Amazon in Australia does not only mean great convenience to you, it also means more competition to the businesses of different sectors. With its affordable price and great service offers, you can just expect it to actually just bloom here and threaten the existing local retail businesses!

In the fashion sector, Zara chain is one of the prominent examples that could find a tough fight with Amazon AU. In the electronics sector, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman should have an improvised plan of how they could improve their business and compete with Amazon, among others in the same sector. In the groceries sector, Amazon in Australia might also send some awful threat to the supermarkets that claim dominance over the customers for the past years.

In fact, all of the big operators out there who make use of their scale to increase the margin of their products should be worried about all of this especially that Amazon is investing in their products with cheap prices and have a long-term stretch with the customers.

Competition beyond Boundaries

Amazon in AustraliaAmazon in AustraliaAmazon in AustraliaAmazon in Australia

With Amazon being in Australia, you can also just imagine how easy it is for international merchants to sell their own products in Australia! Amazon can be the best platform for this which means that the leading small businesses in Australia today should prepare themselves and devise better ways to engage with the customers than that of how Amazon does.

Business reviews can have their special use in this time as this can be used by the existing businesses in Australia to be able to improve their services and take note of the demands of the customers. As Amazon seems to be preferable in the eyes of the customers, competition among local businesses is going to be quite strong as this can be seen as another version of the “Survival of the Fittest.”

The preparations made for the settling of Amazon in Australia is now going on even with the slow pace. The expectation for its launching is in the later months of 2018 and this is being looked forward by a lot of businesses that keep an eye on their sales data and customers who also want to have a more affordable shipping fee, greater options, and convenience for online shopping and retail services.

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