Amazon Seller Forums—Every Rookie’s Easy Guide to Amazon Services

Are you a new Amazon seller who is still fumbling your way around Amazon services? Or are you, perhaps, an online shopper who wonders how Amazon completes multiple orders from customers every single day? Whether you’re a seller or a shopper, you will find this post helpful as we, at Australian Seller, discuss the ABCs of this amazing platform as well as how to use the Amazon Seller Forums.

What is this Amazon Seller Forums? 

The Amazon Seller Forums is a website intended for Amazon sellers, which allows them to communicate with other sellers about selling on Amazon and knowing other Amazon services. If you are a new seller, you can benefit from this forum by asking other sellers about things that you need to ask and clarify. If you have been selling on Amazon for a long time, you can still use this forum to share your ideas and knowledge with other sellers and vice versa. You only need to adhere to the posting guidelines to fully enjoy this site, by knowing what and what not to include in your posts.

Amazon Seller Forums

Uncertain on what questions to ask? For sure, you must have a lot of questions, but sometimes you forget about them or you hesitate, especially when you are unsure about what to ask or if you feel that your questions may not be allowed. You don’t have to think twice. Check the General Selling Questions on the site and you may already find the answers to your own questions.

Categories in Amazon Seller Forums

Overall, you will find three categories on the website: (1) Fulfillment by Amazon, (2) Selling on Amazon, and (3) AU Announcements.

What will you find in each category? Here is a quick overview of what you can expect to see:

  1. Fulfillment by Amazon

This category answers your questions about Amazon’s fulfillment service, which include the following points:

  • FBA Orders and Customer Service
  • Shipping Inventory to Amazon
  • General FBA Questions
  1. Selling on Amazon

This is where you can find selling and selling-related questions on Amazon, and you will also get answers from Amazon and other sellers. Aside from the general selling questions, you will also find pertinent information on the following subcategories:

  • Help for New Sellers
  • Listing Management and Reports
  • Order Management, Shipping, Feedback, and Returns

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guide to amazon forums

If you are a professional seller who wants to become an individual seller, check this page and find out what other sellers have to say.

  1. AU Announcements

This corner is intended for forthcoming announcements for the Australian Marketplace

What do you sell on Amazon?

If you are not yet a seller but want to become one, you are free to navigate the website’s pages and forums so you can hunt for selling ideas. There are many items to sell, and if you are good at writing, you can sell e-books! Discover some helpful tips here. Moreover, if you want help in writing engaging content, you can get free tips on our other page.

On a final note, learn how to defeat the common drawbacks for Amazon beginners by watching this step-by-step video.

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