Amazon suspension: how to appeal and win it!


Selling through online platforms has become one of the trends today and it will continue and seize to exist until there will be another better way of selling but as of now, this is the greatest thing you can ever imagine. With just a few clicks and ticks and you are done. There are a lot of online shops or what they call as e-commerce business where they are licensed to conduct the business through online.

Amazon is one of the top e-commerce shops in the world as of today. And it has been gaining a lot of sales compared to the brick and mortar stores. Amazon is an online shop which produces a wide variety of products and services. It is considered as one of the top online selling stores in the world today.

You can find anything on Amazon, be it the most needed product for the most unnecessary product you can easily find. Amazon does not only sell their products but as well supporting other small businesses by letting them sell their products as well. Over the past years of Amazon reign, there have been many jobs offered to people who are lucky enough to have a stable career in the said company.

Amazon is a company made by builders and sellers and inventors. If you belong to one of those mentioned, then maybe you got the right skills for Amazon. This company is not a product-based company that does not have a high-quality standard but this company maintains a name that their products will sustain and last for years.

Because of the rising economic status you get on Amazon, a suspension could drag you down. And this issue will be experienced by some active sellers in Amazon annually. You can not avoid this issue, that is why here are some of the reason why you get a suspension:

  1. Poor selling performance. Pat Petriello, a Senior Marketplace Strategist at CPC Strategy, once said “Amazon has been increasingly enforcing their product content policy as it pertains to titles, images, back-end search terms, bullet points, and descriptions. We’ve seen this in the form of both ASIN suspensions and, if violations persist, full account suspensions”. If you are not performing well on Amazon, you will definitely have a suspension. Be it because your customer feedback is pretty low or you cancel your orders, or maybe you deliver most of your products late. In order for you to avoid an appeal to this kind of suspension, you need to acknowledge the problem and the impact it did on your customer. You will also need to identify actions to correct your mistakes. Lastly, you need to apologize and mention the dedication you have for Amazon’s customers. Amazon will never come back to check if you have actually been implementing your actions. All they care about is that you never commit the same mistake again. Unless you want your account to be really suspended. But there is one thing you need to keep in mind, you need to be as apologetic and remorseful but at the same time, you do not want look so guilty especially you know it is not your fault. This kind of an admittance will have a great impact on your account for honesty and reliability.
  2. You violate the policy of Amazon. Every active member of Amazon should have the knowledge in the rules and policies of Amazon even before signing up. If you know them then it will be so much easier for you to avoid doing them. If you know you are violating the rules, Amazon will never give you a chance to appeal. But if you can, you can use the said how to’s above but mind you, the chances are good but you will not be successful. The permanent suspension that will be given to your account is around 3 years but you can not wait that long. So all you have to do is create a new account. But if you want to create a new account, you need to have:
  • Way different email
  • Different company name
  • Different personal name
  • Different address this will include your shipping address
  • Different credit card or bank information
  • Different IP and never log in to Seller Central from an IP that you have used before.


You can just have few other accounts but you need to make sure Amazon will never find out unless you want to have your funds unreleased by Amazon.

  1. Providing products which are restricted. Amazon maintains a high-quality of product information and inventory. Restricted products are listed by Amazon so that high quality and high standards will be given to the customers of Amazon. This is the same with the policies of Amazon, wherein it is very important to have knowledge of the things that are restricted to avoid committing and selling those products. You can just follow the same steps mentioned above for this kind of suspension.

Proper ways to appeal your suspension

  1. Well-written appeal. This appeal contains the following points:
  • You need to explain what really happened before the issue occurred.
  • You need to explain what you did to resolve it. You need to be honest and you need to explain all of it.
  • How did you resolve the issue with your customer? what was the compensation you gave them?
  • You need to include what action plan you need to do to avoid repeating the same mistake.
  • How much revenue will you lose because of the suspension was given.

After doing the letter, you can send it to Amazon’s seller performance team:

  1. For you to keep track of what is happening to the issue, you can check it at Seller Support Ticket in Seller Central.
  1. If you are under an Amazon manager, you can message him or her and get help.

Now, Amazon will respond to your appeal within 24 to 72 hours. You need to keep in mind that the more detailed you give in your letter, the faster Amazon will respond.

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