Are Facebook ads Worth the Money?

Social media marketing has gone to different heights. Nowadays, if you want to succeed you also have to incorporate and use these big social media platforms in your general marketing campaign. One of the biggest and most used is Facebook.

But why are we spending money on Facebook ads? Does it work? Is it worth your money?

Facebook Ads

When you log into your personal account, you’ll find suggested pages and posts. These have the word “Sponsored” in them. This means these pages and posts were all advertisements.

During the time when Facebook was nothing more than a mere social media platform, your fans could see everything you post. Every time you upload a picture on your page, your fans will find it somewhere on their newsfeed.

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However, times have changed, and even Facebook has changed greatly.

Although your fans can still see some of your posts, it doesn’t happen all the time with your every post. Unless your followers open your account, the exposure for each of your posts will be different. This is due to the difference in the Facebook algorithm.

And that’s where Facebook ads came into the picture. Basically, you’re paying Facebook to show your page or your post to different users, so you have a chance to spread the word about your page.

The more you spend, the more likely your post is going to reach thousands of people.

Does it work?

For the most part, yes. There are lots of businesses and people who have acquired a good Facebook following due to paid Facebook ads. It’s a good way to catapult your name and to acquire reach.

The average amount you’ll have to pay for a click on Facebook depends on whether you are advertising to people or for businesses. These are known as B2C and B2B, respectively. On average, you’ll have to pay $0.90 for every click for B2C and $3.00 for B2B.

If your conversion rate is 3%, you’ll have a $30 cost-per-conversion. If the rate is 1%, the cost-per-conversion is at $300.

However, that alone couldn’t say whether your campaign is worth it or not. For a Facebook ad to work, your campaign should be profitable. What’s important is that people get to click on the post and not just engage but to convert every click into profit.

Paying won’t do the job alone.

The best way you can achieve high-quality clicks is to set the right target for your business page. There’s a reason why not everyone has the same sort of luck in Facebook ads. That’s because they tend to ignore several factors that play a huge part in making their campaign a success.

Target Market

There are billions of people who use Facebook. Based on their likes, shares, and the posts and pages they’ve engaged with, the company has garnered a huge database. You can definitely find the right people to target your posts.

When creating campaigns and even when setting each post, you’ll have the liberty to choose the demographics of your choice. This is known as the audience segmentation. By doing this, you inform Facebook of the people you want and know will click on your page.

The best thing about this is you can narrow the search as you become more specific. For example, you sell makeup. You can try boosting your post for women from age 23 to 49 who have recently bought makeup or likes pages of makeup brands and artists.

Creativity in posts

Another thing you should remember is that every post you make should be enough to entice people. Creativity can greatly help you, especially after someone has clicked on your ad. They should have a reason to stay with your page and to follow you.

facebook ads budget

Be original and creative with the posts you make, especially with the photos. People tend to be more drawn towards visuals such as images and videos. Normally, these gain more engagement than usual text posts.

Create different ad sets

According to Forbes, one of the mistakes newbies do when it comes to Facebook ads is creating a single ad set. While that appears to be the easiest choice, it may be problematic. That’s because Facebook gives more reach and more attention to ad sets more than just a single ad.

Creating more sets also gives you the chance to know which set with a different type of audience is more successful. This gives you more chance to know who your target audience it and whether your campaign is working for them.

Abide by Facebook rules

Facebook also has its own set of rules. Some ads can be rejected if it doesn’t pass Facebook’s regulation.

For example, too many words on your ad will likely won’t make the cut. In fact, those images with no text have a higher rate of distribution from Facebook compared to wordy ads.

It’s best that you first read the rules of Facebook so you won’t run into any trouble later on.

Test your ads

Perhaps the best tip of all is to test everything. From the images to the wording, to your CTAs and even the time you publish your post. Make use of the data Facebook provides you in creating the best and ultimate ad.

Is Facebook ads worth it?

With all of that said, are Facebook ads worth the money?

Generally, yes. Facebook ads have already helped several business owners and people achieve a good following on Facebook.

The good thing about Facebook ads is that you have the choice with the money you spent. Of course, the more you shell out, the bigger the results. Still, it allows you to test out campaigns without having to break the bank.

However, it’s all worth it if you know how to make it work. It takes quite a while before you find the perfect image choice, the target audience, and the wording and CTA. But once you finally find the perfect combination, you’ll be able to find out that it’s valuable and you could potentially earn back what you have spent.

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