Automated Email Service for Amazon Customers

Customer Service

Customer service is needed to answer questions of the consumer. Customer service is when the company provides service to consumers before, during and after the purchase. Every company or business should have customer service, whether it is through personal that is placed outside of the office of a company or by phone or through social media or the World Wide Web. Because of today’s generation with improvements in technology, other kinds of customer service are popping all over the business industries. Having customer service is a good thing for every company because it can improve the sales and even gain loyalty from the consumer then it will have a good recommendation among the other consumers.

Automated Email Service for Amazon Customers

Since customer service handles company issues in stores, it would be difficult for a company to survive without customer support, because it is the only contact a person has with a company. Customers are vital for a company. Without them, the company could shut down fast enough. That is why with customer support, a company can directly answer every question a consumer asks. People with positive experience with a company’s customer service will likely recommend the company to other people. That is why it serves also as a source of promotion for the company.

Email Customer Service

But since most of the people especially the consumers are from various places around the world, it is difficult to communicate through the phone or even on going to the company directly because it is costly and a waste of time. In addition to the rising of the technology, email customer service is widely used by the consumers and the company. Email customer service is an important avenue through which business firms communicate with their customers. Although it ranks as second to telephone to the best customer service, it is still popular because of its versatility, it can be sent without the need to speak directly to a customer service agent and it is convenient, you can do it anytime, anywhere. Also, it provides a written audit tract of activity, very important to the consumer and marketer.

Automated Email Service for Amazon Customers

Benefits of Email Customer Service

  1. You can attach files
  2. Related products can be recommended by the marketer
  3. Potential consumers can be convinced
  4. Customers don’t need to disclose issues publicly
  5. Written responses are more trusted by the customer
  6. It is accessible through smartphones
  7. Convenient for busy customers
  8. It is economical for the companies
  9. Queries can be improved for better statement
  10. Can be used for customer satisfaction surveys


Automated Email Service for Amazon Customers Inc. is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing based in Seattle, Washington. This tech giant is the biggest internet retailer expanding throughout the globe. Having this kind of a company, a customer service, especially through email, is needed for the company and the customers close a deal. Consumers are all over the world from Asians to Europeans to Americans.

In the United States, there have been established customer service providing the best and one of a kind convenience for the customers. Customer service associates play a crucial role in Amazon’s mission to deliver timely, accurate and professional customer service to all Amazon customers. You can’t be a great company without a great customer service. Here’s how Amazon’s customer service do it:

  • They analyze, understand and interpret customer complaints. They acknowledge what the consumer needs and whatever they bring to the table. They maintain a decorum all throughout the session. They provide sympathy and they treat them like people.
  • Exhaustively inform. The first thing they do is they alleviate the tension by providing sympathy then they make a plan based on the most comprehensive data they gathered. They pay attention to the problem, they create a plan to give a satisfactory result, they share steps to plan with the customers, they evaluate if the results satisfy their needs.
  • Interact and connect. They provide personal interactions with customers to create relationships.
  • Clear, concise communication. They are patient with the customers and made sure they feel assured that they understand the problem. Offered decisive speech followed by decisive action. They explained the method to use to resolve the issue and they let them know what to expect.
  • Admit faults and apologizes. There’s seldom a day when they are doing everything right. they can’t please all people all the time. so if there’s a mistake, they will surely ask for an apology.

Amazon Customer Service in the United States

  1. JumpSend- it is the number 1 Amazon Email Automation and Coupon Distribution tool. It has the trifecta of Amazon, the email automation, promotions and analytics.
  2. Salesbacker- this is an email automation tool for Amazon sellers. Can be used to increase reviews and seller feedback, using pre-built email campaigns. It automatically monitors seller feedback and product reviews, sends email alerts when negative feedback or reviews are received, and tracks Amazon best sellers ranks.
  3. Kibly- it sends Amazon customers customizable order update messages and feedback or review solicitation emails. It includes real-time statistics of orders shipped, emails sent and email open and clickthrough rates.
  4. Feedback Genius- helps Amazon sellers to manage their stores, interact with their customers and increase the number of reviews on their listings.
  5. Feedback Five- has free packages. $0 per month for 50 emails. it allows specified targeting based on SKU, ASIN or condition.

In Amazon Australia, Kindle is the customer service they are using. With a hotline number of 1 855 629 0116.

Above all the factors that will affect a company’s growth, you should never neglect a consumer’s queries because when you have positive customer care, everything else will follow as planned. When it comes to business, nothing matters if you have bad customer care. The best customer service builds trust and gains loyalty to the consumers and will drag a lot of customers for the company’s benefit. Make sure you are offering the best customer service and enjoy the positive results.

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