The Future of eCommerce: What Is the Real Deal—Automated Software or People?

Can you imagine a grocery store with no human workforce? If you own a business, would you replace your people with automated software? This post will give you an insight into the future of eCommerce.

The Future of Automation in eCommerce

To be clear, automated software does not represent those warehouse robots programmed to perform some tasks. In effect, it is more than that.

“Automated eCommerce” is a broad term. It refers to any software, hardware, and program employed to mechanize the flow of a business method—may it be online or traditional. So now, we ask, is automation a real deal in the future of eCommerce?

Automation in e-commerce

Automation in eCommerce points to the use of many software applications and related tools that would—in due course—develop a process sequence performing as follows:

  • omit redundancy
  • remove disconnectivity
  • expand growth and efficiency
  • clear up flow
  • convert tasks, procedures, or campaigns
  • allows testing and innovation without employing significant time and effort

The Benefits of Automation in eCommerce

Many entrepreneurs think that switching to automated eCommerce is a beneficial move. Apart from saving time, money, and effort, you would also enjoy these benefits:

  • No more manual data entries

Automation in eCommerce removes the need to input data entry into your systems. This means you can lessen your manpower and save your time for the more important tasks.

  • Improved product information

Automation helps in improving your product information, apart from performing an inventory of order and data.

  • Streamlined process for order fulfillment

Customers no longer go through a series of steps and time-consuming methods to complete an order. With automation, the entire process is simplified which results in shorter waiting time and faster shipping.

  • Improved shopping experience for your customers

Inventory automation and marketing data analytics is a powerful combination that would promote better buying routines. With this innovation, you will know your customers’ preference and the reason why they want such items. Through this, you would learn which item you should stock more and which ones to cut. You can also identify where your customers discover your products.

Whether they learned it from social media, online ads, or promotional e-mails, you can easily track which items are suitable in which channels.


  • Targeted marketing and promotional campaigns

With eCommerce automation, the software will allow you to track your inventory and check your sales in a fast and easy way. Moreover, the system will enable you to manage customer relations better. In auto mode, your system will collect and analyze your customer’s data. Everything that your customers do—from browsing your products to making a purchase and more—is recorded in your system. This will allow you to build targeted marketing campaigns and specific promos.

e-commerce automation

Automated Software or More People?

In the future of eCommerce, the automated software would seem like a real deal. The benefits speak volumes. As long as you use your system carefully, you can use automation to your greatest advantage. Just make sure that you continue to value the people who make these things possible.

Check out Amazon Go’s cashier-less grocery shopping here. Here’s a video of what happens at their warehouse with automated package transport robots as well.

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