Become the Face of Your Company and Brand: Why It Works

Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and every other startup in the world are using their founders’ lives as the biggest promotional assets of their company. These people are in a sense, not your typical promotional candidates, but they work better than any of the models that fashion week has to offer. They sold their products and services by showing up, making themselves known, and becoming the face of their company and brand. And they continue to do so.

Why is it important for owners to become the face of their company? Why not use someone else who knows how to woo people with their looks or their charisma?

Because nobody cares about what you look like when you own a trillion-dollar business. They care about who you are and how you did it.

Why should you become the face of your company?

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You see that little About tab on every company website? People don’t usually look at that tab. But when they do, they expect more than an explanation of what your company does. They want to know how you started, why you started, and how it’s going for you.

As for the homepage, people want to see who is behind the business. They want to know who they are really dealing with. They want to know that they are buying from someone real – someone they can connect with.

Here are some important reasons why you should start posing for the camera and promoting yourself as the face of your company:

  • Seeing the owner builds trust
  • Knowing who you are shows authority
  • Engaging with the owner gives clients a sense of importance
  • Learning about what you do is more valuable than what you sell
  • Showing a part of your life to your clients makes them feel more connected to you

Why is this important for your business?

The reasons stated about will lead to your ultimate goal – more sales. Why? Because people trust your business as much as they trust you.

When Amazon first started, Jeff wasn’t in the reins. When he started showing up to events and giving out interviews, Amazon’s stock price increased. The same goes for Mark Zuckerberg. Being his friend on Facebook was like a badge of honor in the past. Elon Musk is a genius and innovative maker. His clients want to experience his life through his products and company’s exciting research.

There’s no real data to suggest that just showing up will improve your company’s profile, but the results we see online speak for themselves. Being the face of your brand and speaking to your clients is a sure way to win them over. After that, you just need to learn how to close your sales.

How do you become the face of your brand or company?

It only takes a photo. Or two. And maybe a video. Most brand owners speak to their clients through their websites and social media. But here are the steps you should take to make it happen:

  1. Post about what you can publicly divulge to followers on social media, i.e. what your office looks like, how you start your day, what your company is working on, what your company achieved.
  2. Put your face on your website, banners, and newsletters. A nice professional photo will do. Think of it as a face logo.
  3. Reply to comments on your site and social media pages. Let them know you exist and that it is really you replying to their questions and compliments.
  4. Get interviewed by your peers on podcasts, YouTube, Facebook Live, and more.
  5. Tell your audience your story and be as authentic as possible.

Here’s a video of how this business owner became the face of their brand:

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