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When eBay introduced its new search engine, Cassini, in June of 2013, a lot of things changed for eBay sellers. Auction site eBay basically changed the way listings appear in buyer searches. The goal of Cassini is to provide a better customer experience and to match listings more precisely with what a buyer searches for. After Cassini was implemented, sellers saw a drop in page views mainly because Cassini began matching buyer searches with quality results rather than quantity. It is better to have 10 quality views on an item than 100 views by buyers who aren’t seriously interested in the product. Cassini is about relevancy. So don’t panic if views are down. And remember, it only takes 1 buyer to make a sale.

Doing things the old school way on eBay doesn’t work anymore. Many sellers are confused as to why their traffic and sales have dropped since Cassini’s update in June of 2013. Cassini is designed to provide consumers with a more targeted shopping experience. It is about the buyer finding the perfect item. eBay feels that if buyers find more relevant items, more sales will occur, and everybody wins.


Here are some tips on how to boost your sales on eBay:

1.) Improve Your eBay Store and eBay Listing’s Presentation- Online buyers cannot see or touch the items that you are selling. A good listing should include multiple, high-quality pictures of the item. To save money by adding additional pictures, you can upload your pictures to (Photo Bucket) and then paste the pictures into the Body of the Item Description. Photo Bucket is FREE to use. Your pictures should be in focus and should show your item from several different angles.Any damage to the item should be recorded. Your item description should also include the color of the item, size in inches and also in centimeters for selling to buyers in other countries. You should also supply a shipping charge for each item and offer multiple shipping discounts to encourage buyers to buy more than 1 item from you. For example, you can charge $8.99 to ship the first item and $2 for each additional item.


2.) Use keywords in your listing that buyers would use- You only get 80 characters to describe your item in the eBay listing title, so don’t waste it on words and phrases that buyers are not searching for. These include descriptors like “cute,” “adorable” or “sturdy.” Those terms are too vague. Instead, stick to the facts: type of item, brand name, color, size, features, year manufactured, model number, pattern and similar words. Avoid keyword spamming, however, such as claiming a mirror is “like Pottery Barn” or a handbag is “like Michael Kors.” It’s misleading and can get you in trouble.


3.) Prices- be competitive, remember that you will always have competition.
Be careful not to turn this to a price war, as you won’t necessarily be able to win it (there are some big players who can afford to lose on one product just to gain customers on the other products), most of the smaller retailers cannot afford price wars.


4.) eBay‘s Promoted listings are not paid per impression Let’s say you sell coffee mugs. When you promote 1 multi-quantity mug, most sellers find increased traffic and sales to that eBay store category and their entire eBay The promoted mug works to increase customer traffic overall in the seller’s eBay store.


5.) Become a Trend-Spotter– it will be easier to figure out what to buy. eBay makes it easy to find out exactly what’s hot. Check out eBay Pulse for lists of popular searches, hot items, and information on trends. However, the way to really profit on trends is to be one of the first people to spot them or to cater to things that are hot when they are just warming up. This is a little bit trickier but definitely feasible. One of the main ways to find out what your buyers are really interested in is to hang out where they are. Whatever your niche is, there probably are some magazines that your buyers read, some forums they participate in, some websites they frequent, etc. Go where your buyers hang out, and you will be able to enter into their minds.

Try to fulfill their needs and wants. Being the first seller to offer a product in a certain niche will give you a great advantage. Also, look at what you have sold, and what other things your buyers have bought. Is there a way you could sell the same item over and over? Or perhaps find similar items of interest?For people selling new merchandise, this is common, but for sellers of antiques & collectibles, it might seem harder to do. However, with some work, you may be able to source out the same product over and over and sell it for a decent profit each time.


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