Can you still make a living selling on eBay in 2017?

E-commerce has become somewhat of a trend in Australia because of its popularity and because of its growth. You can search online and can’t help but be mesmerized by the number of online stores that you can choose from when you want to buy some items. And, one of the many platforms that you can find is the eBay.

As you may have known, eBay has been an e-commerce website in Australia for 18 years this year. This has affected a lot when it comes to the statistics of online shopping. This has been one of those trusted e-commerce platforms especially that it totally satisfies the needs and wants of both buyers and sellers. It has features that can be of great help for anybody who is interested in purchasing good quality products. It also provides assistance to the sellers who find selling in eBay a great idea.

But the question is, can you still make a living selling on eBay in 2017? This may have a subjective answer. Ultimately, the way you make a living at anything or anywhere depends on your own performance of how you do what you do. On eBay, it is absolutely still capable of assisting you by giving a perfect venue to sell your products. But it is your responsibility already to strategize and find a way to help your target customers to find your store and browse your products.

So, since you can still make a living on eBay in spite the rise of other e-commerce websites, here are some tips that you might want to consider as soon as possible.

Think of your products.

Can you still make a living selling on eBay in 2017?

What products do you want to sell? eBay is quite known for its “garage sale” mentality which is somehow telling you that the cheaper items are most likely to be purchased often. With this idea, you might want to just have your own used items in there that are absolutely still working or be wise in investing in your products.

Most sellers would source products from another seller and it might not be worth it when you sell it on eBay. Again, there is a growing need for you to strategize on this so that you wouldn’t go bankrupt and end up closing your online store on eBay.

Polish product description.

Can you still make a living selling on eBay in 2017?

As much as you have your items at low prices, you also need to provide a polished product description. This is for you to make sure that your target audience would know what your product is, what its significance in their life may be, and how they can use it in their daily routine. In providing for these details you need to make sure that they are written in an organized way so that your customers wouldn’t close the tab just because your product description is not making much sense.

Another thing that you might want to emphasize in each of your product descriptions is the dimensions. Your customers may be particular as to how it looks like and how big it actually is. If you do not want to be asked the same thing for a couple of times by different buyers, then you definitely need to include that in your product description.

Enhance customer services.

Can you still make a living selling on eBay in 2017?

One of the most significant matters that you need to consider when selling online is that you need to satisfy the demands of every buyer who is going to visit your online store. Once you accommodate them the way that they want you to attend to them, there is a huge probability that you can get a sale from them.

As the advantage of sing eBay e-commerce website, you can reach millions of people locally, nationally, and even, internationally. This gives you a huge and better scope as to how you can find the target customers. Since different people may be able to visit and browse your online store at any time of the day, you need to somehow have your customer services 24/7. Or, you can also design a prompt for anybody to message you about not being available at the moment. But the waiting on your customers’ part may discourage them from ever getting back on your store.

These are some of the useful tips that you may want to adapt to your e-commerce website so that you can achieve the success that you want. With the high sales percentage, you will be able to cover the investments that you made from your products and then generate a steady income for it.

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