Canton Fair China Import and Export

Are you in the mood for some trading adventures for your online store? This is definitely the perfect time for you to explore on fairs that would help you get exposed to a lot of suppliers and buyers! China Import and Export Fair is in its 122nd year and it open for you to hang out. Here you will be able to trade products and get into business with the other participants. You should grab this opportunity to make your online store known, have awesome stock, and build connections as well.

Canton Fair China Import and Export, also known as Canton Fair, is one of the largest trading events in China. Specifically, this is held in Guangzhou, China. This has a long history which goes way back 1957, and since then it has gathered thousands of buyers and exhibitors together to have their business. As a matter of fact, this is known to be a comprehensive international trading event where the exhibits completely vary from one another, giving the buyers the opportunity to find what they want.

The fair has already started on the 15th of October this year and it will end on the 4th of October. You’re not too late for this though as they still have phases going on. Here are the phases for this fair.

Canton Fair China Import and Export

Phase 1 of the 122nd Session of Canton Fair was on the 15th to 19th of October where booths for electronics & household electrical appliances, lighting equipment, vehicles & spare parts, machinery, hardware tools, energy resources, building materials, chemical products, and international pavilion have been opened.

Phase 2 commenced on the 23rd to the 27th of October where booths for consumer goods, gifts, and home decorations have been exhibited.

Phase 3 is going to be on the 31st of October to the 4th of November and it is going to open booths for textiles & garments, shoes, office supplies, cases & bags, recreation products, medicines, medical devices and health products, food, and international pavilion that concerns mainly on foodstuffs & agricultural products, medical, health and beauty care products, and gifts and decorations.

Of course, this event did not reach as far as this year without challenges, but those were gotten over with and even made it an instrument to be better. The Canton Fair has been considered as the first platform to ever promote China’s foreign trade. It is the way of China to open up its barriers and have a good trade with the rest of the world.


Canton Fair China Import and Export

Canton Fair is a great chance for merchants to have their stock form the products that the different exhibitors are going to show. This would also pave way for a business between merchant and supplier especially that a business card can be easily passed on and kept for safety, in case any one of the two would need each other’s services for their business.

But, a merchant itself can be an exhibitor too by showcasing the products from his store. If you are a merchant and you are trying to apply for an exhibit during the 122nd Canton Fair, you will need to comply the necessary requirements that you need to submit for registration. Some of the requirements would be the copy of the Company Registration Certificate with the company stamp, Certificate of Origin, customs clearance for the exhibits.

You need to know though that your products would be displayed in a booth for an International Pavilion as your company and your products are not from the mainland China.

Step 1. Inquiry.

In order for you to have a chance to exhibit products during the Canton Fair, you need to contact an organizer online. This can help you a lot as you will not look for details anywhere. You can have your answers direct from an organizer.

Step 2. Online registration and Booth application.

At the very moment of having your answers, you can then proceed to the Easy-Exhibitor System where you will need to register. Your company profile should be uploaded and you should then apply for booths. When you have the application form, print it and fill up. After you are done with it, you need to scan the paper and send the file to the organizer.

Step 3. Payment.

After the organizer gets to review and approve your application, your company will then receive a Notice of Payment, which is 100% of total booth fees. You need to have it paid within five working days to have your booth. Your registration and application for being an exhibitor would only be approved once you have paid what you are due.

Step 4. Complete information.

As your company information may not be completed from the first time of logging into the system, you need to do it again and this time, you need to complete it. You will have to supply for the company profile, information on your products and booth application information.

Step 5. Prepare for the exhibition.

You need to have an audience for your booth. Thus, you need to invite people to it. You can send electronic invitations using the Easy Exhibitor System and contact the nominated forwarders of the fair to have your exhibits transported. Then, you will have to design your booth for it to be attractive to your audience. Constructors for this though should be verified first by the Canton Fair.

Step 6. Badge collecting and exhibit setting.

This is now where you are going to have your exhibit and your products on display. You can exchange business cards with the visitors of your booth so that you can contact one another for future transactions.

Although, of course, you can attend this fair by being a buyer. As a tip for you though, you need to have your business cards with you in case you want to have the suppliers contact you in the future. You can also collect their business cards as you might want their products for your online store. Canton Fair definitely welcomes you to this event.

In fact, they have services for you in case you need some kind of assistance in getting to the venue.

Canton Fair China Import and Export

  1. Attendance guide for overseas buyer.

This guide will be able to give you the overall schedule of event and of the booths that are going to have their exhibits for a particular day. You can be confident that you wouldn’t get lost with this guide. Although, you need to act already because this is only valid before the 4th of November this year.

  1. Buyer’s tour.

Canton Fair 122nd Session has its Buyer’s tour where you can have the time to explore the place in just a day. You can make use of this opportunity to be familiar with the place and avoid getting lost during the events. But, the application requirements for this one includes you not being able to visit the Canton Fair before, you being not able to visit for the previous session starting October of 2015, and you holding a valid Home-return Permit or the overseas passports.

  1. Travel/Accommodation.

You do not have to worry about getting into the venue for the Canton Fair 122nd Session. They have a special offer for you to avail their travel and accommodation services where you are recommended of the best hotel to stay as well as travel booking too.

It is going to be awesome for you if you grab this opportunity. You will have an experience on trading and you can attend to the largest trading fair in China as well. Suppliers are definitely flooding in this fair and you can find the perfect products that you may have been looking for. Also, by having transactions with the traders who join this event can help you expand your business too.

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