Catch of the Day, another marketplace of choice

Do you think you already know everything about e-commerce in Australia? Well, not quite if you haven’t had at least an acquaintance with Catch of the day, another marketplace of choice. You can actually say that e-commerce has been playing a large part of the Australian market, especially that there has been a lot of them competing to be the best when it comes to providing quality service to the online shoppers: Kogan, eBay, Amazon, and more. With the excellent services that various e-commerce platforms offer, you just can’t help but overlook some. And Catch of the Day should never be one of them.

 The quality of service that Catch of the Day offers can let you realize that what you have been trying to find is right here all along. You have just been too focused on the other competitive e-commerce websites as well which are providing you with what you need. But, really. You should try out Catch of the Day sometime.

What is it?

Catch of the Day, another marketplace of choice

Catch of the Day is another competitive e-commerce platform that you can have in Australia. It has already proven itself one of the best available especially that it has developed two brands already, the Catch and Scoopon.

Each of these brands is contributing to the success of Catch of the Day. Although the main brand is the Catch, the Scoopon has been having its fair share when it comes to the growth of this platform’s customer base. And not only that, Catch of the day has also developed numerous other brands such as the Eat Now, which definitely has an 855 million AUD sale during the year 2015.

This platform continues to exist as it provides for the convenience of every customer. In fact, in this marketplace, you have the opportunity to have the biggest brands in fashion, tech, beauty and more at a very affordable range of prices. Catch of the Day is a totally massive online store, and when you find what you have been looking for on this platform, then it definitely is a Catch for you!

Addictive principles

Catch of the Day wouldn’t have a large customer base had it not for their addictive principles. As it is important that they get their customers, these have to be retained regardless of how much developed the platform is right now.

  1. What’s next?

Nobody knows what would be the next products that are up in the Catch of the Day platform. This is the very reason why customers should watch out or monitor what has been this online store is showing because they might find something really interesting.

  1. Out of stock.

The customers in Catch of the Day already know that the stocks for the products that are displayed are only limited. As a result, customers rush in having their orders listed before it would be taken by another person with the same interest. And, back to the first one, nobody knows what’s going to be up next.

  1. Smart price.

Each and every product in this online store has been priced accurately. Meaning, you can have the best possible products for each of those that you can see on this website. What’s great about this is that you can be assured that there is no overpricing that is happening. Also, a lot of the customers will then have their moment with the item that they have listed once the product has been safely delivered to the address that has been indicated.

Can you sell in Catch of the Day?

Yes, definitely. Since it is inevitable for every company to have an excess in stocks, they can sell it in Catch of the Day. It is important to clear out inventory as it can also cost a lot of money for the company, so it would be better if you let Catch of the Day handle it with care. You only have to contact the staff and management of this e-commerce platform and have your stock listed and sold to its millions of customers who are craving for another new product. This marketplace has already established its own massive warehouse so there is no problem when it comes to the number stocks.

However, if you are anxious about your brand, then you need to know that there is no need to be. Catch of the day has a brand protection feature wherein each product stays online for only 24 hours in order to assure that the normal retail for the same product is protected. Plus, nobody knows how many of the products have been sold too!

How do you pay?

Catch of the Day, another marketplace of choice

Catch of the Day makes almost everything in your shopping experience a great deal of convenience. In order for you to pay for your items, you can use a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards. The options that you have is definitely awesome. Plus, you can also have your shipping choices which you can see when you checkout.

This e-commerce platform is also allowing the return of your product. If in case you do not like what you have ordered, you can return it to this online store within 28 days of your purchase. However, you need to read first the terms on how to utilize this feature.


Catch of the Day, another marketplace of choice

As what has been stated earlier, Australia has got a lot of excellent and competitive e-commerce platforms already. In fact, Catch of the Day is in a competition with eBay, as well as of the other platforms available. Just like eBay though, Catch of the Day is also making some preparations for the coming of Amazon in Australia, especially that a huge competition is already foreseen.

So, how does Catch of the Day prepares for it?

By rebranding. It is true that Catch of the Day has created and developed several brands already and each of those has been monitored and estimated to have a 500 million AUD of sales for the next 12 months. Taking into consideration that Amazon might also be officially launched in those months, you can just say that Catch of the Day is confident about what they already have in order to be found when Amazon settles in.

Catch of the Day has rebranded itself as Catch and even have some improvements and developments integrated into their marketplace which only places it as a direct competition of Amazon. However, the Catch Group has been really optimistic about it.

Catch of the Day, another marketplace of choice

These are the things that you need to know about the Catch of the Day, or the Catch, as another marketplace of choice. As it has already established the trust of the customers as well as the accurate pricing of each product, do you think it could survive with the arrival of Amazon? We will all find out soon.

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