ChannelAdvisor Multichannel cloud-based e-commerce solution

E-Commerce has taken the internet like a flood. With the ever-growing and improving technology, many e-commerce platforms emerged. Businessmen see the internet as a way to innovate and to reach out to other consumers and businesses. By definition, e-commerce or electric commerce is the art of buying and selling goods, transmitting funds or data, over an electric network. There are many e-commerce platforms in the world, but one you will read about is the ChannelAdvisor, a multi-channel, cloud-based e-commerce solution.

What is ChannelAdvisor?

ChannelAdvisor Multichannel cloud-based e-commerce solution

ChannelAdvisor Corp., based in Morrisville, North Carolina, is an e-commerce company that provides cloud-based e-commerce software solutions. They have over 2800 costumers worldwide, with some famous brands as clients such as Dell, Karen Kane, KitchenAid, Under Armour, Timex, and Samsung. They also support hundreds of e-commerce channels around the world. ChannelAdvisor also connects their retail costumers to new and existing sources of demand for products, including e-commerce markets such as eBay,,, Jet and Newegg. They also connect with Google, Facebook, and Bing.

The Story

In 2001, it was when ChannelAdvisor was founded by Scot Wingo and Aris Buinevicius. At present times, Scot Wingo is the Executive Chairman and the Chairman of the Board. Meanwhile, Aris Buinevicius retired from the company on March 17, 2014, after serving as Chief Technology Officer. Both Wingo and Buinevicius also co-founded Stingray Software and, an online auction search site which was then acquired by

ChannelAdvisor has always been present ever since the early days of e-commerce. When e-commerce grew, ChannelAdvisor also grew with it. As the e-commerce grew more complex, more fragmented, more crowded and even more competitive, ChannelAdvisor stayed with it.

And now, the picture is ever changing because more channels, more devices, more countries and much more consumers entered the picture.

How they coped up?

Since 2001, ChannelAdvisor has been the front liner of e-commerce. By helping retailers and brands connect and interact with customers, optimizing operations and continuous improvement of their sales channels, they stayed ahead. From a small company in a young industry, they have grown to be an industry leader and to become a forefront of a global revolution – resulting to thousands of clients and billions of dollars flowing through their platform as transactional revenue every year.

For the last 15 years and until now, the ChannelAdvisor kept on defining their name by doing the same things that most successful companies do – innovation, leading technology, proven results, and experienced people – all these are their guiding principles as they continue to take retailers and brands into “the future of e-commerce.”

ChannelAdvisor also helps its clients by connecting their products to wherever the retailer, business, etc. want them to go and also to connect the clients and their products to whatever comes next or simply put the future. This also means being the first one to integrate with new channels and new and innovative ways of shopping. It is about connecting retailers and brands by sharing data and insights. ChannelAdvisor is also willing to help calm the chaos and helping their clients in tracking, managing, and growing their inventories to scale their businesses.

The Website

ChannelAdvisor Multichannel cloud-based e-commerce solution, the company’s official website, to a user’s convenience is well-organized and categorized. The main purpose of the website is to help anyone, especially the ones new to e-commerce, create and build their own business. You can navigate throughout the site and explore and you should be able to find anything you might need.

If you want to know and explore the technology that powers their e-commerce platform, just go to the “Solutions” menu. This is where you will find some of the latest and newest tools. You will also find out about different marketplaces that ChannelAdvisors have partnered with and you will also know about digital marketing. It has also a tab or section where you can have an idea on where to buy, may it be through online or even local. They also have a “services” tab which is really helpful for newcomers.

If you need some inspirations and tips, the site also features a “Success Stories”. Well, obviously, it is about how brand and business thrived with the help of ChannelAdvisor. Brands and companies such as Ames Walker, Auto8,, and many others.

Overall, we can really see how ChannelAdvisor thrived and survived the e-commerce world. Because of their efforts, wise innovations and hard work, they stayed to become one of the front liners of e-commerce solutions. In fact, currently, they are preparing and taking actions for the coming of Amazon in Australia. For them, they see it as both a challenge and an opportunity to be better and improve their services.


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