Different logistic of shipping overseas

Logistics is a term for a management or administration. In the business field, logistics is the overall management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet the requirements of the customers. There are a lot of fields of logistics:

  • Procurement logistics- consists of market research, requirements planning, make or buy decisions, supplier management, ordering or order controlling.
  • Distribution logistics- the main task is to deliver the finished products to the customer
  • After-sales logistics
  • Disposal logistics- to reduce logistic costs and enhanced services
  • Reverse logistics- the reusing of products and materials.
  • Green logistics- describes the attempts to measure and minimize environmental impact of the activities
  • Global logistics
  • Domestics logistics
  • Concierge logistics
  • RAM logistics- the combination of both business logistics and military logistics because it is concerned with Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability.
  • Asset control logistics- it deploys assets required for the display, preservation and promotion of the products
  • POS material logistics
  • Emergency logistics- to denote specific time-critical modes of transport used to move goods faster because it is emergent.
  • Production logistics- it aims to ensure that each machine and workstation receives the right product in the right quantity at the right time.
  • Construction logistics- a vital part of construction
  • Capital project logistics
  • Digital logistics- driven by a new generation of web-based.

Different logistic of shipping overseas

The idea of shipping falls under the distribution logistics. Shipping vehicles, items and household goods internationally using containers is quite complicated and worry-some because of the facts and experiences shared by many. When shipping internationally, you just don’t think about filling up the information, here are some things you need to look at:

  • Can it be shipped? Before making an attempt to ship your products, make sure to check if the item is accepted in the specific country you are sending it to. Because there is a possibility that it will just be held by at the customs or possible you can be filed a case.
  • Customs rules. Usually, when you send items internationally, you will be filling up forms in your country and the country you are sending the items to. Along with these forms are some fees and rules you need to take care of.
  • Shipping company. Because of the existence of various shipping lines and companies. Make sure to pick the right one. Consider its fees and schedule. Do not rely on their scheduled time of delivery, make sure to have room for delays.
  • Every country has rules for packaging. Take note of how a country you are sending the items to does their packaging. Put some label on the package and ask the shipping company whether they’d be the one the package it or you’d do it yourself.
  • Insurance for your shipping your items might be expensive but it will alleviate your anxiety, putting your mind in a calm state.

Different logistic of shipping overseas

International Shipping Companies

Here are some top shipping companies that ships internationally:

  1. United Parcel Service, Inc.

Situated in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA. They are known for “the Whiteboard”. They reportedly delivered more than 15 million packages a day to 6.1 million customers in more than 220 countries worldwide.

  1. DHL Express

Situated in Bonn, Germany. They employ 500,000 people worldwide.

  1. FedEx Corporation

Situated in Memphis, Tennessee, US. Because of Delta Airlines’ larger civil aircraft fleet in the world, FedEx gained top 3 shipping company worldwide.

  1. United States Postal Service

Situated in Washington, D.C., US. In 2010, USPS has a revenue of $67.05 billion and employs 600,000 people.

  1. Schenker AG

Situated in Berlin, Germany. The company is the number 1 European land transport and number 2 in the world in air transport.

  1. TNT N.V.

Situated in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. It operates postal services in 8 different countries and one of Europe’s largest shipping companies.

  1. YRC Worldwide

Situated in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. One of the largest transportation service providers in the country that offers supply chain solutions for heavyweight shipments, where they ship industrial, commercial and retail goods.

  1. Parcelforce Worldwide

Situated in Milton Keynes, UK. UK’s largest private shipping service that delivers more than 1 million parcels a day across 34 European countries.

  1. Royal Mail

Situated in London, England. A state-owned postal service responsible for universal mail collection

  1. Japan Post Service

Situated in Tokyo, Japan. One of the four main divisions of Japan Post Holdings that helped generate over $200 billion.

Different logistic of shipping overseas

Guide to International Shipping

Shipping internationally is easier than you might think but it will all depend on the shipping company. Here are some tips and quick guide for shipping worldwide:

  • Study the country. Have some background check on what are the restrictions on the country you are sending the items to.
  • Provide shipment details. On your application process, make sure to input all the necessary information regarding the shipping.
  • Provide customs information.
  • Paying dilemmas. You should inform the buyer on who to will pay the specific fees.

Before you begin shipping, make sure to note the items below:

  • Contact information. There may be questions during the delivery process, make sure to give accurate contact details for the shipper and the receiver.
  • Description of products. Give specific information of the contents of the products to reduce the risk of customs delays or holds impacting delivery.
  • Value of goods. Make sure to input and provide accurate information regarding the pricing matters.

International shipping may have a significant input for the increased value of e-commerce but for some many small retailers, the activity of shipping a package worldwide and understanding all the rules, regulations and risks can be difficult. International shipping can be a complex mode of serious shipping from specific points on specific times. Most companies prefer to collaborate with logistic shipping companies that offer a combination of the shipping process.

There are a lot of kinds of shipping internationally, from air freight to ocean freight to full container load ocean freight to less than container load ocean freight to ocean + rail.  Regardless of the types, your partner, shipping logistic, should always offer the best service and most efficient for your needs.

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