eBay brings an Unlimited Delivery Plan


Online selling has been the easier way to do buy and sell and it has been used by too many people because of the easy access to the internet. Wherever you are, you can purchase anything if only you have an internet access which typically every area in the world has, of course except for the areas which are more into not being involved in the change regarding technology. But almost 90% of the world today has an internet access. Surfing through the internet has been the newest addition to the recreational activities of the people.

It is not just for recreational activity but as well as to make a living. Jobs and businesses are popping all over the online world. And it also provides easy access for the people to do purchasing of goods and even services. They do not have to go the extra mile to buy stuff, no more gas to consume, just a few clicks and they are done. There are too many platforms in the online world which are into selling products and services.

Big companies are selling their products to the people in demand and also, they provide jobs to the people who needed jobs. Selling through online platforms has become one of the trends today and it will continue and seize to exist until there will be another better way of selling but as of now, this is the greatest thing you can ever imagine. With just a few clicks and ticks and you are done. There are a lot of online shops or what they call as e-commerce business where they are licensed to conduct the business through online. One online selling platform is eBay.

eBay is an online platform which facilitates both consumers to consumer and business to consumer sales through the use of its website. As of 2011, eBay has been operating in 30 countries. eBay.com is an online auction platform and shopping website in which people and businesses perform buy and sell with a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. The website is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items after a limited number of free listings, and again when those items are sold.

During the process of auction setup, eBay provides shipping method choices to sellers, be it through an ordinary mail, express mail either plus or without courier service. The seller may choose to offer only one shipping method to buyers or the seller may also offer buyers a choice of options. Super low valued items that are shipped directly from China are sometimes shipped by surface mail or sometimes called “sea mail” which has lesser cost but would take up to one to two months. If ever the buyer needs the products as soon as possible and wants it delivered lesser than a month then he or she will need to spend on an extra fee to upgrade to second class Surface Air Lifted shipping or to first class airmail shipping.

On 2012, the online platform has been enlisting sellers into its “Global Shipping Program”. If the seller wanted to use the program then the international buyers would pay an extra fee to Pitney Bowes then after the seller will eventually send the item to the program and then the program will then send it to the buyer. The delivery system is the biggest issue in the online selling platform this day because of the costs. And there is still no solution to it but eBay Australia has invented a way to quitely solve the evolving matter.

When you are negotiating through eBay, you may notice this new system called “eBay Plus” in which this service lets Australian sellers and buyers have the free service charge on almost 15 million products. Because in 13.6 million Australian sellers on eBay, they spend more than $70 on delivery and returns every year, eBay has found a great deal to lessen the cost.

But it is not free, like all free, because you will still pay a fee of $49 annually which could really do you a big favor. Since it will launch on the middle of June 2018, eBay is giving a deal of $29 on the first year of membership with a 30 day free trial. They can cancel at any time. The benefits do not stop there. The members of the said program will also earn Flybuys points twice the points plus they will be given access to exclusive deals and other special offers.

eBay Plus lets the sellers send limitless to buyers with just fewer cost. According to David Ramadge, the senior director of product and shipping in eBay, “E-commerce is underpenetrated in Australia: only about eight percent of retail dollars are spent online in Australia, which is about half what is spent in more advanced markets like Korea and the UK,” he said in AAP.

He even said that the eBay Plus membership fee annually will be the only source of fund for the latest delivery program instead of the sellers’ expense. This was launched because according to studies, the e-commerce in Australia is “underpenetrated” with only 8% of the retails are said to be attributed on online shopping. And Mr. Ramadge said that they are expecting an increase after the launching of the said program to 15%-20%. Although not all items can be availed using the said program, the big and bulky furniture is out of the program.

In contrast to the said program, the other competitor for online selling platform in Australia, which is known as Amazon. Amazon is an online shop which produces a wide variety of products and services. the platform will also launch its Amazon Prime later than that of eBay Plus which makes eBay ahead of Amazon and gives more opportunity to sell out more. eBay Plus is only available in Germany since October 2015 which makes Australia the second country to use this kind of program.

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