eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery

As the technology today grows and expands, more and more people are into social media or just the internet whether to socialize, be updated or shop until their heart’s poured out. Yes, online shopping has been used by most of the population today since it is easier, more convenient and you can find anything just by few clicks. A lot of people, especially the busy ones are driven to online shopping because of the following reason:

  • 24/7 service- the stores are never closed
  • Convenient- you can shop anywhere, anytime, even in your pajamas
  • Cost effective- you won’t have to purchase the increasing amount of gas just to go a near store
  • No more parking hassle
  • Less annoying- consumers won’t have to experience aggressive salesperson anymore and no annoying crowd
  • No more standing in line waiting for your turn game
  • Customer service? Great! Retailers let the shoppers have their reviews posted on the product they purchased
  • Wide variety of products to buy. From anything formal and acceptable to the weirdest thing you can ever imagine
  • The online staff has more rigid training and very flexible at their job than those in the brick and mortar kind of store.
  • Online stores are selling cheaper prices because they don’t have anything to spend money on overheads, unlike the physical stores.

But every online business is nothing without a delivery system. Delivery system is an essential part of the online shops since that is how to give the product to the buyer. Although, punctuality is usually the downside of the delivery systems of the online stores. Being able to deliver on time is a crucial thing for a delivery system because there are factors or hindrances in doing so, such as traffic and overloaded orders. Whether it be through land, sea or air delivery, there is always an estimated time of arrival.

eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery

Consumer of the online world

Most of the consumer in online business are millennials and they are very much tech savvy since they grew up with the rise of technology, they are pretty much well informed. Often, they have the bad temper for poor service. They expect fast and seamless customer experience in their eCommerce order fulfillment. Speed is one of the most important factors for millennials.

They are very mobile unlike the old folks, most of the time they are not at home that is why they can’t receive the package on time. choosing what type of delivery also matters. That is why most probably they will opt to go for the same day delivery. A lot of company offer this type of delivery. One is eBay.

eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery


eBay is a multi-national e-commerce corporation, offers online consumer to consumer or business to consumer selling. Its main office is situated in San Jose, California and was founded in 1995. Today, eBay is a multi-billion company serving 30 countries. The website is free for buyers, but the sellers are charged with fees for listing items after a number of free listings. For the shipping, eBay offers a variety of choices to the sellers, be it ordinary mail or express mail or a courier service, and the seller will choose 1 for the type of delivery for their buyers or they can let the buyers choose among the types of delivery.

If the product comes directly from China, and the buyer chooses the very lost cost shipping, it might take months to deliver. But if the buyer is in a hurry, they can pay an extra fee for the rush service. It is for international services, the buyers will pay a fee to Pitney Bowes, then the seller sends the product to Pitney Bowes which will then be forwarded to the buyer.

eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery

Guaranteed delivery dates on eBay

eBay’s guaranteed delivery is a new eBay feature that will enable sellers to guarantee delivery dates on their packages. And it will let the buyers know when will they receive the package but it is still available in the US for now. The buyers can now have a peace of mind that their items will be delivered on time.

Benefits to sellers:

  • The buyers can search and filter based on delivery dates
  • The sellers will have more control to customize the handling time cut offs by the day of the week as well as the shipping cost to avoid under or overcharging for shipping

What happens if the item does not arrive on time?

the buyer can request for shipping refund or if the shipping was free, the buyer can receive a coupon that indicates they can have free shipping the next transaction or they can return the item without any fees.

Signing up for Guaranteed delivery doesn’t cost you anything. Sellers should offer this feature for increased visibility, they can have more control and to have happier customers. The buyers loved it because there are more search options, they can have guaranteed delivery dates and can increase their confidence to buy more on the seller.

Having to choose or buy a product online, wherever the product was sold at, make sure to know who you are dealing with, know what you are buying, the amount to be paid, what type of delivery you can choose, make sure to check out the terms of the deal and if the products are delivered exactly how you ordered it. Convenience is a major part of today’s eCommerce market and every company should have their own delivery system.

For companies that succeeded in providing fast, convenient and flexible with only minor flaws, they are likely to succeed in the business. The consumer demands efficiency. If you are a seller, make sure to provide a customer service to accommodate every need of the consumer especially regarding the delivery system, which should then be resolved immediately.

There are a variety of types of deliveries, you need to be accurate in choosing which type for your convenience and for the buyers, satisfaction because living in today’s generation is all about convenience and customer service.

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