Global Sources Exhibitions in Hong Kong

Heads up, e-commerce merchants! There is going to be a Global Sources exhibition in Hong Kong very soon. In fact, one of its categories, Fashion is going to open up this coming October 27-30. More of it like the Consumer Electronics, Mobile Electronics, and Gifts & Home are going to open their booths in April next year.

But first, what is this Global Sources? Why would you have to go and witness these exhibitions? You definitely have to know.

If you did not know it yet, Global Sources is a B2B, business-to-business, media company which is also the primary facilitator of trade in Greater China. So, you can just expect to witness thousands of functional products in the exhibition that they’re going to have this month and next year. Its core business is to facilitate the trade between Asia and the rest of the world with the use of the English-language media. English-language media includes their website,, trade shows, magazines, and applications.

It would be beneficial for you if you witness these exhibitions because you can have this event for sourcing purposes of your online store. As a matter of fact, Global Sources has already more than 1.4 million international buyers who grab this opportunity to acquire a product and get more information about the company for sourcing from overseas supply markets. Suppliers, on the other hand, can gain experiences regarding integrated marketing solutions that can help them build their corporate image, generate sales leads, and win orders from buyers from hundreds of countries and territories.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

You can finally get to find and meet the reliable exporters from around the world. Since this event is also attended by a lot of suppliers and exporters, you can finally save yourself from the trouble of having uncertainties when it comes to the products that you would want to have in your online store. Do not miss the chance to finally have them in your contact list if ever you need to find the products that they are supplying. Also, you can give them your business card and let them contact you if there are new products coming. Awesome.

Exhibition categories and opening schedules

Before you hop on an aeroplane and go to Hong Kong to attend this event though, you need to make sure that you already know about the exhibition categories available and their opening schedules.

Global Sources Exhibitions in Hong Kong

Exhibition on Fashion category is going to commence on the 27th to the 30th of October this year. You are going to witness 1,800 booths of fashion accessories, apparels, and more which are from the China and the ASEAN countries as well. You need to consider also that this is the largest fashion trade fair in Hong Kong.

Global Sources Exhibitions in Hong Kong

Exhibition in Consumer Electronics is going to open on the 11th to the 14th of April, 2018. Be prepared to witness 3,700 booths of consumer electronics, gaming, virtual reality, components, and smart living products. When you have this niche, you will definitely have to join this event.

Global Sources Exhibitions in Hong Kong

Exhibition on the Mobile Electronics is going to happen on the 18th and 21st of April next year. With its 2,700 booths for the latest mobile devices, mobile artificial reality and virtual reality, wearable and other mobile accessories, you can surely find what you are looking for. Not only that, you would also be satisfied with your choice.

Global Sources Exhibitions in Hong Kong

Exhibition on Gifts and Home is scheduled to open on the same date as with the Exhibition of Mobile Electronics, from the 18th to the 21st of April in 2018. You can indulge yourself into the rich selections of creative and innovative home products and gifts that you can have for yourself, and for your e-commerce website as well.

But, of course, you will need to pre-register first before going to the event. When you do, you will have awesome opportunities with the Global Sources sourcing tools that they are going to offer once you finish the pre-register phase.

Sourcing tools

So, what are the sourcing tools of Global Sources?

Thankfully, Global sources do not leave you alone and let you explore things on your own. With the thousands of booths that are going to come up, you definitely need some assistance.

After you pre-register you can then subscribe to learn more about the new product updates. They are going to send you the new product updates even before the actual show commences. You will also be able to find some cool and innovative products as selected by the Global Sources analysts. Grab the opportunity to view the top 20 of the most popular and hottest new releases in your industry as well. Plus, you can have the sourcing app where you can find both suppliers and products while you are on the go.

Global Sources helps you to find the most reliable supplier of your website’s products. It is capable of leading you away from the troubles that can be brought about carelessly listing things for your store. You are guaranteed that what you can find in their exhibits is all verified exhibitor and even most of them are verified manufacturers that also possess licenses from their respective governing bodies. Now, what you need to do is plan your travels, pre-register, and have the relevant products for your e-commerce website.

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