Growth of e-commerce in Australia

Establishing an online store in Australia is a great idea. You are definitely going to be on the right track especially if you have got the tips and tricks as to how to do it right. Plus, you also have a variety of e-commerce platforms to choose from. And, mind you, choosing the best one can be critical to your success as the features and services that it offers would surely impact your sales performance.

Growth of e-commerce in Australia

Why is it a great idea to have an online store in Australia?

Well, simple. The growth of e-commerce in Australia has been pretty impressive with during the previous years, even until now. In fact, the total online sales of Australian markets is only AUD 26.77 during the year 2013 and it has now escalated to AUD32.56 in the year 2017. Since there is an upward progress in this industry, you might want to grab the opportunity.

Growth of e-commerce in Australia

How did it grow in more or less four years?

Apparently, many factors have played a great role in this increase. Here are some that you might want to have a look.


With internet in Australia, there is a huge possibility that your online store can reach their browsers. This is especially because the number of Australians who have been having an internet access is also fond of using social networking sites. And, as you know, the social media is just one way to easily attract your customers to your online store.


All around the globe, most people have their own smartphones, Australia is not an exception. In fact, there is a rise in the number of people who are now owners of smartphones and other handheld devices. This means that more customer would be engrossed with their devices and, with their internet connection plus the social media use, your online store and products could be a hit!


How convenient would it be to order an item online and have it delivered directly to your house? This is one of the reasons why there has been an online sales growth in Australia. Almost every product that a person needs or wants are available online already. So, why would they opt for going out instead?

Right. Thus, the importance that you grab this very opportunity. With the escalating number of people who are into online shopping already, you should have your own website with attractive design and manageable navigation so that more people would come in, as a result, you can have more sales.


Australia’s economy has been managed well-enough such that they do have a great purchasing power. This way, if they need or are interested the products that you are selling, you are most likely to be a candidate whom they want to spend their money. This is most especially that they have gotten the preference of shopping online.

Growth of e-commerce in Australia

What are the biggest online stores in Australia as of the moment?

With more customers comes with great responsibility. As you see new customers coming in, you should attend to their needs and try to please them by your theme, design, products, product descriptions, a whole lot of others. You should also make sure that your online store has been properly maintained so that there would be little to no error when a new customer comes in.

  1. JB Hi-Fi.

This online retail company has its reign on Australia e-commerce. It specializes in video games, electronics and hardware, and other electrical home appliances. As this is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in Australia, it is also taking its share of advantages on the rise of the number of Australian online shoppers.

  1. The Iconic.

This online retail store is also one of the biggest in Australia and one of the most successful. This focuses on fashion designs and other clothing items. The Iconic is a tough competition when you enter the fashion industry as they are already known to be the top fashion website in the continent. You need to beat it in order to have your own brand known.

  1. Kogan.

Kogan is also one of the technological online stores that is also making a noise in the field of e-commerce. Kogan has only started with building a television and now the online store has been developed into a dwelling place for all those tech-savvy people out there. But, hey. Kogan is not only a technological online store. It also has products for sports, toys, office supplies, and many others that any customers may have a one-stop shop already.

  1. Catch of the day.

Catch of the day has rebranded itself earlier this year as Catch. This is one of the biggest online retailers as well and it definitely caters the needs and wants of its customers. It sells products for fashion, toys, groceries and many others. With this, there is almost no doubt as to why this has been one of the best online stores in Australia.

Since you have known these already, you should be starting your own online store right now. You can start with brainstorming about your niche, or the product that you want to sell. From there, you can proceed to have some readings as to what are the different e-commerce platforms and which one would best fit for your business.

As a seller, you need to know how you can attract your target customers to actually come into your online store and have some purchases. You can also make use of their feedback in order for you to have an idea on the perspective of your customers as to how you can improve your store. Now, you need to move.

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