How to Build a Brand Online

Many believe that a brand is just the name or the logo of the company. While both are a part of it, a brand is something much more — it’s the identity of your business. It’s your goals and your mission, your products or services, what people think of you, and how you approach your customers.

That being said, building a brand online takes more than just creating the best aesthetics. It’s also about creating useful and valuable content for your audience.

Importance of brand building

Creating a brand and building it helps your business stand out among all of your competitors. It helps you become a household name in your niche. Plus, it also helps create a loyal following from your audience and clients.

While you’re building your brand, you’re also building your credibility and most of the time, people tend to trust and choose more credible companies for their needs. You can sell or offer your products and services faster because of your brand.

In the end, this helps you gain the income that you’ve always desired and it also keeps your business running for a long time.

How to build your brand

The brand building process never ends. It happens from the day you start your business until this very moment.

Of course, there are the initial processes such as naming your company, creating a logo, making the vision and mission — the usual. From there, you have to consistently work on making your offer better than before.

You should also focus on customer service, since it’s one of the biggest factors people consider when choosing a company.

Marketing is also essential and the main part of building your brand. There are many different ways you can advertise your business such as word-of-mouth, physical marketing materials like billboards, posters, or pamphlets. But nowadays, the online option is getting more popular.

Since the internet is a big place, you have more chances of attracting your target market. Make your own website and create social media platforms to further extend your reach.

Online presence and websites

The best way to boost your online presence is to create a website. It’s the online counterpart of your store where your audience can learn more about you and your products. This is also the best way to build your brand in general.


The main components of a website are the following:

  • Homepage – This is usually where your audience lands when they click on your website’s link. Clearly showcase your brand name and logo. A catchy and unique logo is something your audience should remember quickly and easily connect to you. Apart from that, you should also create some sneak peeks of some information about your company and your products/services. Not only is this for a cleaner appearance, but it also encourages your audience to explore your site.
  • About the company – Be transparent. If you want people to trust you, you should try to put the background of the company and even you on these types of pages. People like it when they know the place they are getting their products from. For example, foodies will want to know how a restaurant came to be to guarantee what they offer is safe.
  • About your products/services – This may take several other pages, but just like with the page about your company, you should also be as honest with your products and services. While it is alright to market yourself, people will want to learn more about how it works. Provide them valuable information every time they click on your site.
  • Contact – Indicate your company’s phone number, address, as well as email address. Your customers should easily reach you in case they have questions or problems regarding your offers.

Optimize your website. Every written content gives you the chance to use keywords. These are words or phrases that your audience often inputs on search engines. The better your SEO strategy is, the better the chances of you getting on the first page of major search engines. This is the most coveted place for websites as people normally only click those that appear first.

Apart from the technical aspects of your website, it should also be as user-friendly as possible. Not everyone who ventures on your site are tech-savvy people. Consider this especially when your target audience are older people.

All of these are part of the branding process. And since the online world rapidly changes as time passes by, you need to stay relevant whether it be on the trends or marketing strategies. Don’t expect your branding process now will be the same after five years.

How can online branding help your business?

The world wide web has become the best place for businesses because it’s easier to grow in a place where your target audience exists. You can extend your reach even beyond your own hometown, city, state, or even country. This gives you a chance to find people around the world without having to spend big amounts of money.

Brand Strategy

It’s also easier to do marketing online, especially since there are more ways than one of garnering the attention of your target market. There are countless software and applications you can use and several giant social media platforms you can take part in.

You can do all these while sitting at home. You don’t need a larger workforce for the initial steps and as you grow, you can also grow your manpower. Once you earn a name online, your place in real life would also benefit.


The branding process can affect each business differently. For some, the traditional methods work better and steadily. However, some businesses have gone viral, creating an online wave that catapulted them to success. Usually, this happens when you step out of your comfort zone and do something that nobody has done before.
The most important thing is you find the method that works for you. May it be a good old-fashioned SEO approach through blogging or getting Insta-famous on social media.

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