How to drive traffic to your Amazon listing?

Amazon is definitely one of the top marketplaces to shop through online, and most of you might have already bought something from their inventory and has guaranteed of getting the best out most of their products. While some are experiencing a hard way of expanding their sales through Amazon, well there’s an easy way to expand or to boost your traffic on Amazon while keeping your sales-listing up, which overall isn’t that quite difficult.

First, we need to know why selling on Amazon is efficient and at the same time very convenient, especially if you’re aiming to top off your sales charts. Well basically, selling your items on Amazon is quite convenient.

How to drive traffic to your Amazon listing?

One simple reason is that most of the online shoppers often make their way to Amazon first when they shop online, which is quite an impressive deal since Amazon is already popular enough for everyone to see, which means searching for Amazon isn’t that really hard.

Also through this, Amazon can easily boost your sales because the intensity of Amazon’s popularity will help shoppers to know your brand. This alone is already a great way of showing off your sales online.

Third, Amazon is a great additional sales channel, While the conventional wisdom is that you have to diversify sales channels and reduce Amazon’s dependency by generating all your revenue, Amazon is an excellent sales channel to use in addition to your Shopify site.

Often, the concern is that Amazon cannibalizes all its sales, but the reality is that it can still maintain a healthy website directly to the consumer, in addition to Amazon. If done correctly, Amazon can become a great complement to your Shopify business very quickly.

Lastly, Amazon is an open marketplace,

If you do not create a list for your brand on Amazon, it opens the door to another third-party seller to create it for you. This clearly states that Amazon is clearly a gateway for third-party sellers to open up business connections for everyone in the digital marketplace.

How to drive traffic to your Amazon listing?

So, here are some tips to improve/boost your sales-listing up on Amazon

  • Running a Competitor Analysis

The first step to promoting your Amazon list is to understand what you have to face. For most categories, you can learn a lot about what customers want and what they do not want based on the competition pages. In addition, the periodic review of complementary products can alert the users to the best practices and/or promotion opportunities.

  • Getting your pricing right

Finding the right prices for your products is quite difficult, but adding the complexity of Amazon and an open market for other sellers to compete with you, and you have enough. However, if you consider some key considerations, you can prevent the emergence of other important problems.

Your sales agreement with Amazon includes a price parity clause. The price of the item and the total price cannot go lower than any other online sales channel according to the “general rule of prices”. This includes your Shopify site. Avoid any suspension of your account for not fulfilling this mandate and make sure to enter a price starting from Amazon for other channels.

  • Optimizing your product listings

E-commerce buyers, in particular on Amazon, decide in a few seconds if they want to participate more in a detail page or return to search results. How do you overcome this initial obstacle for a customer to fall into the fold and seriously consider the purchase of the product? Start by making it simple for them.

Improve your Title.

Does your title clearly describe to customers what the item is and if it is compatible with your needs? Do you talk about the brand? Clarifies what is the use case or the main advantage? And most importantly, do all of this concisely so it’s not too long to skim? All of these must be covered in the title for it’s the first thing that shoppers will look for whenever they’re browsing on Amazon.

The importance of bullets.

Be sure to access all the key areas that customers have to answer before having to slide under the cover on the desk or other sections on the phone. Mention of key facts as if there were a guarantee or customer service available to solve problems. Also, avoid having bullets with more than a few lines, as most customers are reviewing this section.

Adding necessary images.

Your main photo should clearly show what the product is before zooming/panning. Other photos should provide additional product corners and, if relevant, lifestyle images. It is also likely that it is worth having a picture of the “bottom of the box” showing the ingredients, instructions, etc.

Product descriptions are also very important.

Remember that customers are stealing, so a paragraph of 10 lines will probably not do the job. Use your brand voice here and repeat the key selling points by mentioning any support element that can help customers understand why they need to buy now.

  • Open up the review section to everyone

Having reviews from different consumers is an important detail to add to your product listing, for it will identify your products worth whenever you’re putting up a sale. Amazon is filled with different consumers/shoppers from time to time, and each time your product’s going to get tons of different reviews, so make sure that your product is open up for good suggestions and also good for reviewing.

  • Running on Sponsored Ad products

This is one of the most effective ways of promoting your product sales, because sponsored Ads are completely open to the internet, making it a great gateway for shoppers to open up to your product. Also, through this, promotions are one step away from your product so it’ll be a great advantage if you are to use this kind of option.

  • Lastly, Drive out the External Traffic

Most of the known brands often forget about this part, to reserve all the external channels to indicate your online store. While there is an obvious value in directing blogs on external traffic, Facebook ads, Google AdWords, influential people, etc.) On your site, those same tactics will also work to promote your Amazon lists.

It strategically determines which channels make sense to address to Amazon. For example, bloggers, vloggers and other influential people often like to drive traffic to Amazon because they can collect an affiliate commission on customer purchases that come from their custom link.

Amazon is a great open marketplace if you’re currently starting a business. You can promote and at the same time, sell through Amazon with ease because it’s one of the most efficient online shopping sites that you can find in the web, it’s legit and officially legal to sell here which makes it more valuable to every day – online market shoppers.

How to drive traffic to your Amazon listing?

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