How to Effectively Use ManyChat Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook has become more than just a social media platform where anyone can connect to anyone in the world. For business owners, the site has also become an opportunity. In fact, more businesses have found success through the right Facebook marketing strategy.

One of these powerful social media marketing strategies is the use of ManyChat Facebook Messenger. Today, we’ll be talking about what it is, how it helps, and the possible results you’ll get once you use it.

What is ManyChat

ManyChat is a part of Facebook Messenger, an app that was developed by Facebook. It was originally a part of the Facebook site itself until it gained its own app. ManyChat is a tool wherein business owners could set up Messenger bots.

You can set up automated welcome messages for your account in case a visitor tries to message you. It’s also easy to set up answers to several questions that your customers might have about the services or products that you offer.

Even if no one is manning your page at the moment, a chatbot will be able to assist your visitor for the time being. For better services, you can create answers to frequently asked questions, so your visitors have more information about your business and your products/services.

However, ManyChat isn’t just about automating messages. Once you link it to your page, it can also share contents from your own site or gain new followers. That said, you can organize your page with ManyChat from one place.

ManyChat vs. WeChat

For those who are familiar with WeChat and ManyChat – the two tools look basically the same. That said, which one is the better tool?

First off, here’s a list of the similarities between the two:

  • Have similar interface
  • Appears on the “Chat” feed
  • Have buttons for easy access and automated replies

But while the two may be very similar, there’s a great difference – especially with the features. For one, WeChat is China’s answer to Facebook. It’s a social media platform all on its own that allows you to play games, talk to people, and even send money.

Using ManyChat Facebook Messenger

On the other hand, ManyChat is a tool that enhances your own experience when using Facebook as a marketing ground.

If you’re trying to focus more on the business side of things, ManyChat is more powerful and has more features that are advanced and still are easy to use.

How to set up ManyChat

If you don’t have a Facebook page, it’s time you start doing one for your business. If you already have one, you can authenticate your account with your page. You can also add other pages later on if you have more than one that you need to handle.

After that, the tool shows you an example of automated messages. If you feel like those are enough, you can turn it on immediately without much hassle.

However, ManyChat has a sidebar that is filled with a few tools you can use to intensify your Facebook Messenger marketing further. For example, you can use the Automation tab so you can start automating messages that can help nurture leads and will help engage with the users. For many users, this is the most essential part of the ManyChat tool.

Main Menu

To start with, change the Main Menu. This has three items, and each one has five submenus. Make sure that the items on your main menu are the most important part of your business.

For example, you’re selling cosmetics. The following may be a good choice for the main menu:

  • Lip  products
  • Face products
  • Eye products

Welcome Message

The welcome message is the first thing your visitors will see if they message your page. You can then add texts, images, buttons, videos and more. You can also add some attached steps that your customers can easily click and will prompt the next message or solution.

One of the most important things when creating a welcome message is that you should note that what’s answering is a bot. This is to ensure that your visitors are well aware of it and will not get confused if the bot replied with a default reply.

It should also be in a friendly and helpful tone – pretty much how a customer service representative should entertain the visitors.

Automated Reply

You should start putting keywords that your bot will recognize in order for it to know what to reply. For example, your visitor asks for the price, the bot will then provide an answer to that question that you have.

Facebook Messenger ManyChat App

Automate the replies based on the keywords you set. It’s best that you provide an in-depth information about your products or services.

However, in the event the customer was not able to provide any of the keywords you have set, you can also automate a default reply. Normally, this says that your bot does not understand the message that your visitor has sent. Then you can provide a solution such as the list of keywords they can type so they can get the answers they need or perhaps to call a certain number or the like.

Why Use Facebook Messenger?

Using Facebook for your business has already proven to help businesses and entrepreneurs. But why use Facebook Messenger as well?

First off, if you have a Facebook page, it’s likely people will message you directly on the site or the app. That means you also need to have a Facebook Messenger. Even those who aren’t on the site itself or has deactivated or inactive accounts are still using the Messenger app.

That means it’s something you really need to try in order to make full use of the whole Facebook experience. But it’s more than just the amount of people – it’s also the percentage of success.

According to data, using Facebook Messenger has an 88% open rate and also a 56% click-through rate.


The world is growing bigger in terms of technology each single day. Make use of it for your business by using user-friendly tools like ManyChat that can up your social media marketing game.

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