How to find a sourcing agent

You can get away with troubles in sourcing agents. You just have to know how you can find a competitive one that is fully committed to helping you out with your business. You need to think of a way as to how you can find a reliable sourcing agent that is also not going to give you a price that is quite too much for the offered services.

But of course, you do not have to venture the road all alone. This article is going to help you find a sourcing agent for your online store and help you achieve success for your e-commerce website. You should also be able to decide on which e-commerce platform you are going to use as of this moment. There is no time to waste as opportunities are in the air. Take advantage of this guide. Read on.

How to find a sourcing agent

Tips on how you can find a sourcing agent

In looking for the reliable sourcing agent, you should determine first the size of your possible orders, consider the support or expertise that each sourcing agent can offer, and the product categories that they have and which you can also use for your online store.

How to find a sourcing agent

However, you can also have these options.

Large sourcing agency.
Large sourcing agency basically provides sourcing services for business that are considered to be medium and large. The size of your business can be determined by your sales performance and revenue throughout a particular period of time. The number of staff can also be a factor as well.

If your business belongs to medium or large size, then you should have a large sourcing agency for your products. This kind of agency normally charges for a flat rate or a performance-based commission for the services rendered to your business.

Small sourcing agency.
If you believe you belong to a small to medium size business, then you can opt for a small sourcing agency. As it is expected that you would only have a small size when it comes to orders, this kind of sourcing agency is more likely to charge you higher than the large sourcing agency. There is also a possibility of you being charged an upfront fee as a way to incorporate you into their buying platform.

Apparently, small sourcing agencies are most likely to ignore your business when you purchase orders that only costs about AUD 5000 for every year. As a result, you may not avail their services. It’s a good thing though that you are not isolated with this option.

Freelance sourcing advisors.
This kind of sourcing advisor can typically be found in China. You can have them for sourcing advice and walkthroughs but you need to rely on your own when it comes to manpower. They do not engage with sellers like you to find the best supplier in town. Instead, they make themselves available for you at an appointment to give you expert advice on what you can do about it for your business.

If you cannot find a reliable sourcing agent that could suffice for your needs and expectations, you can just save your time in looking for them and do it yourself. You can be your own sourcing agent. You just need to dig through the web in order to find the perfect supplier for your online store and let the products be shipped to your own warehouse.
However, this can quite be a burden for you especially that you do not only invest money in doing this but you also invest your time. Rather than focusing on maintaining your e-commerce website, you actually end up spending too much focus and attention for most of the time on your sourcing activities.

When you opt for a freelancer sourcing advisor though, you need to know that its task is to make way for you to have a trade with the suppliers in China, wherever you may be having your online store in the globe. What do most freelancers do for sellers like you?

How to find a sourcing agent

1. Identify supplier and research for price.
Freelancers free you from the burden of having the background check for any supplier that you might want to have for your business. It makes sure that the supplier is reliable and that it has an impressive reputation when it comes to providing the sellers with their orders.

It is also important for you to actually know what the prices are for the products of a supplier. Your freelancer can handle this for you and report the price list of the products that a supplier has.

2. Sample and prototype development.
As a seller, you need to make sure that you know your product well enough before you can put it up on your e-commerce website. Doing so would eliminate the possibility of product returns by the customers whenever there is a damage, or when the product is of low quality. A freelancer can see to it that you have a sample and a report for the prototype development of the product that you want to order from your supplier.

3. Quality assurance.
This is in connection with the preceding one. In order for you to make sure that your products are of high quality and that it can satisfy the demands of your customers, freelancers make sure that they inspect each product. Once they find the products satisfactory, they would advise you to have them shipped and put up on your online store.

4. Product testing.
You can’t afford to have customers that complain about a defective product from your online store. Thus, one way of making sure that the products are of high-quality, your freelancers can do the product testing. This can definitely help you decide whether you can trust your supplier or not with the products that they are offering for your online store.

These are the key information that you should keep in mind when you try to find a sourcing agent for your online store. Looking for a reliable and credible one is always worth the time and effort because by then you will have a set of high-quality products for your online store. Your sourcing agents can totally help you achieve success for your e-commerce website.

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