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Increasing the seller’s positive comments can lead to greater sales conversions and ultimately accelerate their growth rate. Find out how to maximize your potential revenue and profits with comment automation software.


Better Feedback from Buyers

Getting positive feedback on the Amazon market is not always easy. Many customers simply think that every transaction should be executed smoothly, so they forget (or refuse) to leave ratings. Some customers only talk when things do not go according to plan. Using a tool like FeedbackFive, Traders and Sellers can proactively remind customers to leave comments. Because the overwhelming majority of their customers are satisfied, the proactive request can generate an increase in positive ratings.

Reduce the Impact of Negative Feedback from your Buyers

Some buyers in the Amazon market are not shy about sharing negative comments. Negative comments put your store at a disadvantage compared to other merchants, but they can also affect your relationship with Amazon. The last thing you want to do is have Amazon suspend your seller privileges.

FeedbackFive helps sellers to prevent and eliminate negative comments from Amazon. To avoid negative comments, you can exclude specific requests from SKU’s request for comments, refunds and repeat buyer status. This helps you avoid stressing problematic items or hostile buyers. You can also adjust the delivery times of your messages, avoiding times or days when you are more likely to receive negative comments.

If you receive negative feedback, FeedbackFive has a number of tools to help you minimize the damage. Receive e-mails and text alerts when negative feedback occurs. Act in minutes, not days.

For comments that qualify for removal from Amazon, opening a new case is just one click away on FeedbackFive. For comments that do not qualify, you can follow customers without having to leave the FeedbackFive panel. Just select the comment elimination template, send the message and go back to what you were doing. FeedbackFive keeps track of your ratings, making it easy to see which comments still need your attention.


Get this Two-for-One Deal

The Amazon SEO has been a huge topic during these days, and few things have more impact on SEO than customer reviews. As a FeedbackFive customer, you can access product review management features. Keep track of the ASINs that matters most to your company and find out how your products become more visible on Amazon. Just copy and paste your ASIN list into the feedback tracking form and FeedbackFive will start tracking your products.

And, with the feedback request feature, you can also use FeedbackFive to request reviews from your buyers’ products. This can help you proactively increase reviews of the items you sell.

Amazon Automatic Feedback Request Guide:

Manual submission of dozens of requests for comments from Amazon is a very crucial job. It also consumes a lot of time: time that could be better spent on more valuable activities such as refueling or developing new product packages and others. So, if you’re wondering how to set up an Amazon Feedback request, here’s a proper guide.


Why use FeedbackFive?

New marketers in the Amazon market are often disappointed by the lack of comment management tools available in the Seller Central interface. The good news is that FeedbackFive, an eComEngine product, fills a much-needed gap for Amazon’s marketing experts. Since 2009, the tool has been reliable to successfully manage over 45 million positive comments. Many customers did not reach numbers like these when they manually copied and pasted requests for comments. Instead, FeedbackFive users takes advantage of the power of comment automation.

These are just some of the ways FeedbackFive can automate the process of requesting feedback to sellers:

  1. Send emails to customers at predefined times or based on specific events, such as delivery date.
  2. Stops the request after receiving the comments
  3. Preventing emails reaching buyers previously excluded
  4. Merge the data in the custom field (name, order number, etc.) in outgoing e-mail
  5. Notify sellers when negative comments are received (text or e-mail)


Build your Campaigns

So, how does configuring an automatic request for feedback in FeedbackFive work? It’s really quite simple.

After registering for a free trial account, you can enable pre-compiled campaigns or create your own. For most customers, starting with FeedbackFive takes less than 9 minutes.

The three predetermined campaigns include:

  1. First request for comments
  2. Second request for comments
  3. Request for revision of the product

Simply review the campaign settings and select it as “active”. Then FeedbackFive starts working and asks customers to evaluate their transactions.

As your business grows in Amazon, FeedbackFive also lets you expand your automation campaigns. With a Pro account or higher, you can create custom campaigns. Some of our most successful marketers have dozens of campaigns, which allow them to try out different theme lines, design models, and advanced campaign logic.

Sit back, Relax and Watch the Results

With FeedbackFive, which handles your day-to-day feedback operation, you now have more time to work in your business than on it.

Take some time to review your analysis panel, full of useful information. See open rates and buyer-reviewer match details.

Finally, Automate your Feedback Requests

If you’re ready to automate the comment request workflow, it’s time to try FeedbackFive. Invest nine minutes of your time, set up your account and take advantage of an automatic feedback loop.


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