Importance of digital marketing


Everything that you do when using electronic devices is what you called digital marketing. Whether it through online or offline. Be it advertising products or services or just solely doing anything in social media is considered as digital marketing. The online users use social media 12 times more these days compared to years way back. Selling through online platforms has become one of the trends today and it will continue and seize to exist until there will be another better way of selling but as of now, this is the greatest thing you can ever imagine. With just a few clicks and ticks and you are done. There are a lot of online shops or what they call as e-commerce business where they are licensed to conduct the business through online. And it has been gaining a lot of sales compared to the brick and mortar stores.

These online shops produce a wide variety of products and services. They are even considered as one of the top selling stores in the world today. You can find anything through online active sellers, be it the most needed product or services to the most unnecessary product and service you can easily find. Some big online shops do not only sell their products but as well supporting other small businesses by letting them sell their products as well. Over the past years of digital marketing reign, there have been many jobs offered to people who are lucky enough to have a stable career in numerous platforms.   If you got the skills required for a job then you are highly qualified. Even if you did not finish any degree. Digital marketing does not discourage people working at home. Because of the rising economic status you get through digital marketing, you annually might pass through a lot of problems before you succeed.

Benefits of digital marketing

  1. You can reach your target audiences locally and internationally even if you are on a tight budget.
  2. You can customize your database base on what you really want. Might as well have a bit personalized database because the more engaging your website looks like, the more audience will visit your site and market them proficiently.
  3. You can engage with your customers. You can build that openness and that rapport and trust.
  4. Digital marketing is the most powerful marketing today. With the right planning and effective implementation, even small businesses can increase their revenue and have those ceiling of sales blown up.
  5. People are starting small in the online world. This is a great way for the even small business to find possible and great customers to give them awareness during the first few stages of a business. You can try out some important and engaging site that could help you increase your ranking in search engines. And your customers are already in the market and it is a plus point that digital marketing will help you find and target your potential customers.

Importance of digital marketing

  1. It is convenient. Because it is already on the verge of the rising technology. Digital marketing does not settle for the old style. It is now a mobile-ready platform wherein anywhere you can use this. In the recent studies, mobile searches are more used these days compared to desktop searches, that is why digital marketing has adopted mobile-ready options. You can just use your device for effective and convenient marketing.
  2. Content is everything. Your digital marketing will not have an increase in revenue if ever your content is not engaging. Your content is the brand of your platform, in this way, this can make you determine whether you are on the winning side or the losing side.
  3. Invest in search engine optimization. Once you got the best search engine optimization, you are on fire. You will be put on top whenever a search pops up. People use the internet to get information on almost everything. To make sure your business catches their attention when the need arises is of the most important thing.
  4. Digital marketing is not just about social media. “A brand is no longer what we tell consumers, it is what consumers tell each other,” said Scott David Cook. If you are just starting, you must only invest in things you really need.
  5. Digital marketing gives out equal and fair chance to all kinds and types of businesses. Small and medium ongoing businesses or even startups have the power to have sales and marketing processes that were only used by big companies.

Online digital marketing

There are 7 types of online digital marketing:

  1. Search engine optimization– this is achieved successfully by putting your site on top of every search bars.
  2. Search engine marketing– this is when you pay for advertisements. Whenever a keyword is searched that could match up with your site. Then an advertisement that has your site as a content will pop up.
  3. Content marketing– involves the creation and sharing of online material that does not really promote a brand, instead to catch the attention of buyers because of the products or services you offer.
  4. Social media marketing– this is the process of having traffic directed to your website.
  5. Pay-per-click advertising– used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad will be clicked.
  6. Affiliate marketing– this is when you are earning a commission by promoting other people’s products.
  7. Email marketing– this is when you are paid to send a commercial message, usually to a large number of people, through the use of


Offline digital marketing

  1. Radio marketing– to increase brand awareness and loyalty, grow the audience and attract advertisers through the use of radio. Yes, radio still does exist!
  2. TV marketing– this gives the businesses an effective way to appeal to their target market.
  3. Phone marketing– this is the process of reaching a specific audience using their smartphone.

The internet today is a great way to have success in the business.

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