Importance of Using Bots in 2019

There came a time when some people feared robots due to science-fiction movies and novels depicting the end of mankind when these bots gained consciousness. But now that robots are here, they are getting more popular especially among business owners. And while they are still living on our computers and phones, these robots are already making their own mark.

However, not everyone has jumped yet to this bandwagon, and it may be too late if you join a little sooner. Today, we’ll be talking about the importance of using bots this 2019, especially for business owners.

AI Virtual Assistants

AI virtual assistants are already taking the world by storm. Virtual assistants such as Alexa has been helping Amazon Echo owners with almost anything — from sending text messages, calling friends and families, and even check the weather update.

Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Getting an AI virtual assistant of your own can help you in several ways. First off, you’d be able to have a more personal assistant that can easily keep you up to date of your schedules. While they may not be as handy as a real human assistant, it does help to have a machine that can keep track of things for you.

There are also specific virtual assistants that are made for businessmen and women. These AI bots are able to do anything from creating reports based on company data such as Nami Assistant. There’s also’s Amy which can be used to respond to business meetings and plannings.

Most of the time, you can specify and program the work that these AI assistants need to do. Incorporating them in your business can help keep your company running smoothly.


If you don’t have chatbots on your website, it’s really time that you get one now. These chatbots can be programmed to reply to your customers. You can personalize a message or an answer to an inquiry based so your customers can get the answers they needed.

They are available for 24 hours, seven days a weeks so even if no one is online, your customers still get assistance. This is especially better when you are operating around the world with different time zones.

There’s also the availability of a chatbot regardless of the number of customers asking at the same time. You don’t need a person at all times fumbling around with multiple computers or tabs just to accommodate them all.

In addition, it makes your customers feel a lot more special. Chatbots can answer questions in a few seconds. Your customers don’t have to wait for a few minutes every reply. The faster the replies, the faster the transactions and the more satisfied customers feel.

Bots for Small Businesses

Most of the people that already have access to these bots are the bigger companies – – the ones with more extra budget for these inclusions. But what about small businesses? Should you still invest in these bots?

If you can, you should. You might be spending some big money, but these bots are good investments if you want to step up your game.


Benefits of bots

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating bots in running your business:

  • First off, you won’t need more people to hire. If you only have one person for chat support, it would be impossible to work 24/7. Instead of hiring another person, you can use a chatbot that can accommodate people anytime of the day. Your support team will only need to handle email inquiries, phone calls, or the more complicated issues a chatbot won’t be able to answer.
  • Bots also enhance productivity and your company gets more work done. For example, your assistant don’t have to spend a few minutes each day sorting the schedule for the day. Your AI virtual assistant can take care of those leaving your employees to have more time for other tasks.
  • Records and data analyzed by computers tend to be more accurate, and it gets done with just a few minutes. It saves you countless hours working through reports. Since virtual assistants are able to do that now, it saves you more time and effort.
  • Sure, you’ll likely spend hundreds on getting these bots, but in the long run they are cheaper. You may only need to pay once and then have unlimited use of your bot. If they are available for a monthly payment, it’s likely the rate is much cheaper than the average salary of a real person. If you’re able to afford in the future, then you can also hire extra help.

Keeping up with the times

If you want to be on top, you need to compete within your niche. If they have better gear than yours, it’s no surprise they will be beating you. What you should do is go head to head with them and keep up with the times. There’s a reason everyone is using the same gear and emerging as victors and it can also help you if you learn how to wield the weapons of your rivals.

In such a time when technology’s bar has been raised, the trends will likely get more highly technological as years pass by. But so will people; so will your target market. Keep up not just with your competitors but also with your clients.

If you’re not sure about your next moves, learn. There are now several seminars and classes both online and offline on how to run businesses based on the current trends. You’ll likely find a class or session for using bots in businesses somewhere in the internet.


Making a business successful is a continuous process and as time changes, the methods also change. If you want to succeed, you have to stay relevant and that means you need to continue learning.

You may also need to make some sacrifices along the way, but use your judgement and consider the pros and the cons. In the end, you are in charge of your company and you get to decide how to do it.

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