Amazon Story

With all of the successes of Amazon, have you ever been curious about its history? Who founded Amazon? How did it start? What were the challenges that this huge online retailing website has faced before? What help drive sales on this platform? If you are interested to know, you have actually just landed on the right page.

Jeff Bezos Amazon Story

A website cannot exist on its own. There should be somebody who had the idea of putting up the name and all of the other technical settings that need to be done in order to set up a website. Apparently, the same goes for Amazon. It is founded by Jeff Bezos and the website is still alive and kicking up until today with a lot of active buyers and sellers around the globe. It has even made further connections by actually putting up a store right in Australia!

Jeff Bezos Amazon Story

During Bezos’ early life, his interest and skills in electronics and technology have manifested already such that he has graduated a valedictorian in high school and a summa cum laude in college with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. He was able to find work in several firms on Wall Street after he graduated but he later on resigned and pursued his interests. He took the risk of moving into e-commerce and invested his finances in there. He then went to Seattle and proceeded with e-commerce by making an online bookstore available.

Bezos was able to develop a software and have it beta tested by 300 of his friends. As it was a success, he named in, which is taken from the South American River. The launching of happened on July 16, 1995. Bezos had his company’s first initial success in here and he was even able to sell books in the US and other countries in just a month! And that without even having any press promotions. Within two months of the company, its sales have already topped $20,000 which is equivalent to 25,078 AUD. This was pretty massive and such company growth has not been expected to be that much by Bezos.

Bezos’ mission for Amazon has been stated in a one-line sentence that has a lot to say. The Amazon mission is as follows:

“Our vision is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

You see, it may be short but there is an overwhelming message: the top priority is the customers. Being the most customer-centric company means that they can deal with the customers properly in which other businesses do not do that’s why they do not have many customers or that they were not able to have the loyalty of their target audience. By the use of the word Earth, you can assume that Amazon is really a huge website for the customers to go to at any time they need something to buy online. The products and services available in Amazon are also not stated clearly which leads many to understand the idea that the online website has almost got it all.

The mission statement is quite effective in terms of taking care of the customers, targeting the audience, and letting the world know that they have the capacity to handle a massive number of customers with the broad categories of products and services that Amazon can offer.

With this, Bezos did not settle in Amazon being just an online bookstore. He made more improvements on it by selling various CDs and videos during the year 1998. During this time, Amazon has been making some noise in the retail market and thus has gained its own competitors and analysts. In fact, leading market analysts before have been in doubt on whether the company could stand up on its own for a long time in the realm of e-commerce. But then Bezos has proved to all that the company does not only survive its initial stage but it also has become one of the most competitive online retailers and also beat other e-commerce leaders for the top spot. On 1999, Bezos has become an impressive e-commerce leader.

While the bubble happened in the early 90’s and a lot of websites have been shut down, Amazon has actually flourished making their yearly sales jump from around $510,000 or 639,489 AUD in 1995 to becoming over $17 billion or 21,316,300 AUD in the year 2011. With this, Amazon has already ventured on selling fashionable clothes, electronics, awesome toys and other impressive products!

In the year 2006 though, Amazon has already launched its video which was initially named Amazon Unbox on TiVo, but then it was rebranded as Amazon Instant Video. This has been in demand since then. In the year 2007, Bezos has another investment on Blue Origin that impressively enhances the technologies available in order to give the paying customers a chance for a space travel. Kindle was also released which made the customers have a handheld device where they can buy, download, and read virtual books. They can also store a collection of books in the same kindle too.

Jeff Bezos Amazon Story

Kindle was further developed in 2011 which took the name of Kindle Fire. This served as the official entry of Amazon Company to the tablet marketplace. By September of the same year, Amazon has released yet another Kindle Fire HD, which is an obvious improvement over the previous Kindle model.

Another huge leap of Bezos in the Amazon Company is the invention of Amazon Prime Air. These are basically just drones that offer awesome delivery services to the customers. With items weighing up to five pounds in the 10-mile distance of Amazon’s distribution centre, your purchased product can definitely reach your doorsteps safe and sound.

Jeff Bezos Amazon Story

But Bezos’ adventure with his Amazon Company has not been an all-positive trek. He also met an unfortunate misstep when the company launched its Fire Phone in 2014. It was then discontinued for the following year as it has been criticized for not being too convenient to use and that it is too gimmicky for the customers of the company. So rather than destroying the established name, Amazon has decided to stop producing the said Fire Phone.

With an unfortunate event comes with a rather great one for Bezos though. His development of original content through Amazon Studios has met its rewards in the year 2014, and this was the Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle. Amazon released another one in 2015 which was Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq.

Jeff Bezos Amazon Story

This year, 2017, especially in the month of July, Bezos has surpassed Bill Gates in his record of being the richest person since 2013. Bezos rose to a $90.9 billion net worth which is way more than Gates’ $90.7 billion. And right now, as of the 19th of September, Bezos’ real-time net worth has become $83 billion.

These are the things and events that have taken place with Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos. You can see that when you pursue your interests and skills, you can become successful. This comes with hard work and determination to succeed too! Proper and accurate investments also count especially that it can help you secure your future. Bezos’ story with Amazon has been pretty impressive especially now that the company is still booming with success.

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