Kogan – Online Retail Marketplace Empire in Australia

Almost everybody has been into e-commerce in this decade. Well, why not when you are totally capable of doing it, right? There is just a huge opportunity waiting for both buyers and sellers in an e-commerce platform. This is most especially when you know how to make the most of it by gathering information about the best online stores where you can actually possibly do your business.

Did you know that Kogan is one of the most popular online retail marketplace empire in Australia? This may not be a surprise for many because this is, in fact, one of those first ever to have established an online store that does not overlook the needs and wants of the customers. Not only that, the products that you can find here also the have the best price for you!

Who created the Kogan online retail marketplace?

Kogan - Online Retail Marketplace Empire in Australia

Kogan online retail marketplace was created by none other than Ruslan Kogan himself. He had his humble beginnings, just like most founders of leading e-commerce websites as well. What makes Ruslan more amazing is that he was able to expose his talent and skills of being an entrepreneur since he was a kid. He was from a poor family but his parents strived so hard to improve their financial situation. Since he was a kid and exposed to that kind of situation, he was able to realize that in order for him to achieve his dreams, he must work for it, work on it. Nothing would really happen if you only wish for success to come into your life without trying to do something in order to reach that goal. And so Ruslan made his entrepreneurial moves.

At such a young age, Ruslan has become interested in technology, because honestly, who would not be? It has awesome advantages that can help one or another be entertained and educated. And so, at age nine, Ruslan was able to build his first computer. At ten, he was able to have his own taste of the business industry just by repacking the golf balls that he can find and sell them to the golfers in Elsternwick Golf Course. When he has become a teenager, the businessman in him continued to grow. This time, he was able to offer services such as car wash, mobile phone repairs, and even a web design agency.

Ruslan’s college life had been an exciting one such that he had a scholarship for his Bachelor of Business Systems (Information Technology) at Monash University. He was a full-time student while being a full-time employee as well. Until one time, he quit his work as a management consultant at Accenture. From there, he started his Kogan.com e-commerce website.

The beginning

Kogan - Online Retail Marketplace Empire in Australia

Every success has its humble beginnings. The same goes for the Kogan marketplace. Ruslan started his business with a new brand of televisions. And, he first did it in his parents’ garage. Do you realize his passion or technology now? You should. In fact, Kogan was the first ever to have an online retailer of private label TVs which has actually gained the trust of the consumers. And since he is a direct-to-consumer online business model, he was able to grab the opportunity of knowing, first hand, the demands of the customers. Here, he was able to establish a product that offers a better value than the others in the competition.

As Ruslan was able to catch the attention of the online shoppers especially that he already has an idea of what they love to purchase online, his business continued to grow. From being an online retail store of private label TVs, Kogan has evolved into having a wide range of consumer goods. Not only that, he was able to have it in Kogan at their best prices. Meaning, there has not been any overpricing happening, nor undervaluing of his products. He was able to have electronics, homewares, lifestyle, beauty, furniture, tools, appliances, and more in the Kogan online store.

This evolution of Kogan makes the online marketplace as the one-stop shop for most customers who prefer online shopping that being in physical stores. It was an advantage for Ruslan and his business because he did not have much competition when it comes to e-commerce at that time since almost all of the retailers were into their physical stores. And, it is worth noting that Ruslan was the first entrepreneur who managed to have a shoutout to the Australian shoppers about the bunch of benefits that they can get when they shop online rather than on the physical stores.

What are the capabilities of Kogan.com?

Kogan - Online Retail Marketplace Empire in Australia

As Kogan only wants what’s best for the consumers, it has a 14-day money back guarantee on Kogan Brand Products. This is to assure the shoppers that what they can buy in this marketplace are all high-quality products and can satisfy their demands too. Kogan has products with market-smashing prices which are definitely justifiable as to the quality of the products and services that they offer. Because of this more than 3 million of their products have been sold already since its launching on the year 2006.

Ruslan makes sure that customers are the primary benefactor of their online retail store, thus, even the dispatch of the thousands of deals are being enhanced and develop to suffice the demands of the consumers. As a result, millions of customers have been satisfied with the services offered by Kogan.com. And, until now, this online retail marketplace in Australia is still known to be the premier shopping destination for online shoppers.

Ready for Amazon’s Arrival?

Kogan - Online Retail Marketplace Empire in Australia

Just like any competitors at this moment of time, even Kogan is in danger as Amazon is arriving in Australia. The online retail marketplace should be wise enough to strategies before it could be devoured by the US online retailing giant.

However, according to Ruslan himself, the arrival of Amazon is actually an advantage for them. How? They can just sell their private-labelled goods on Amazon and see how the shoppers would react to it. Amazon would only make the additional sales channels that Ruslan would have for Kogan.com, resulting to a surviving online retail store despite the US retail giant joining in the competition. As Ruslan claims, the key driver for his e-commerce website’s IPO is its investment in the inventory.

With these, we can say that Kogan might have been prepared well for the arrival of Amazon in Australia such that the online retail marketplace empire has seen it as an opportunity for their business to develop more than it already has since 2006. And now, as Amazon is still having their warehouse built, other online retail sensations should also devise a strategy in order to survive the competition in the e-commerce industry.

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