List of shipping companies in Australia

Many of the consumers would always ask why does the shipping fee cost much more than the product. Although this depends if your order is in bulk or a singular item. If you ship your products in a single item, then you’d definitely have much more shipping fee cost than you’re product bulk if it will be in a group then you can save. Below are the reasons why.

List of shipping companies in Australia

Factors of shipping cost

  1. Weight

This is a major factor in your shipping fee. If you have heavier product weight then you’d be having much most shipping fee.

  1. Dimensional weight

Although your product is as small as a Christmas ball, the packaging also matters. The packaging will be counted as well.

  1. Shipping method

There are a lot of ways to ship your product, whether it be according to land, sea or air, or according to time. the lesser the time your item will be delivered, the more expensive the shipping fee costs.

  1. Transit distance

The area the product will be sent to is also calculated, whether it be international, local or just around the corner. The farther the area, the much more shipping fee will be paid.

Because of the growth of the business field, competitive delivery companies are popping all over the market and they offer a variety of options for the marketer’s usage. Listed below are the main shipping companies in Domestic Australia.

List of shipping companies in Australia

Main shipping companies in Domestic Australia

  1. Australian Post

This shipping company is the top company in Australia because of the following reasons:

  • They branched their delivery into rush delivery and standard delivery.
  • Focuses on e-commerce and expanding the scope of delivery to international market
  • They collaborate with international shipping companies for a wide delivery network.
  • You can choose whatever you prefer on their various options on how you want to deliver your product.
  • It offers return shipping services.
  1. DHL

This shipping company is an international courier because:

  • Offers easy shipping process. You can calculate your shipping costs, you can do the process online.
  • International trading made easy. All global requirements will be fulfilled easily.
  • The express partnership will help your eCommerce business through discounts and special services to benefit your company.
  • You can easily learn about other countries, how to trade internationally and learn about the international customs requirements.
  1. FedEx

This shipping company is also top performing especially for the small businesses because of the following reasons:

  • You can do the process online.
  • You can track your products through their Web Integration Wizard.
  • You can create shipping labels and can manage your shipments for everyday use with their software solution.
  • They offer FedEx Electronic Trade Documents for you custom documentation.
  • You can save money through FedEx alliances that offer discounts.
  1. Fast Way

The ideal choice for small to medium-sized business, why?

  • Offers cost-effective, reliable, timetable courier service
  • Backed up by the modern computer technology
  • With online parcel track and trace facilities.
  1. TNT

Every day, they go to great lengths to connect people and businesses all over the planet

  • 56,000 employees in 61 countries
  • 1 million deliveries around the globe every day
  • More than 750 weekly air connections
  • 55,000 weekly trips in Europe between 20 international road transit hubs and 550 depots
  1. Aurizon

Australia’s largest rail freight operator, moving coal, iron ore, agricultural freight and more across the nation.

  • Top 50 ASX company
  • Annually transports more than 250 million tonnes of Australian commodities
  • Partnerships extend to Asia, China and India
  1. Pacific National

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are handling and hauling the millions of tonnes of products that keep the economy, businesses and households running

  • Focuses on four main areas: secure and succinct bulk haulage services, specialized coal haulage serviced for your business, strategic rail services connecting port or destination and specialized freight for your valuable cargo
  • Utilizes specialized equipment to support a reduction in transportation costs, such as balloon loops and specialized wagons for quality services.
  • Innovative and sustainable, the business gives you skills with career progression in mind.
  1. Linfox

Provides supply chain solutions to leading companies across the Asia Pacific.

  • One of the largest privately owned logistics companies in Australia.
  • Focuses on sustainability initiatives
  • 5,000 trucks in its fleet
  • Spanning over 10 countries
  • Has 20,000 employees
  • Utilizing key technologies to reduce emissions
  • The bigger portion of the company is situated in Asia
  • Owns the Phillip Island Grand Prix Racetrack and the Fox Classic Car Collection
  • Responsible for Australia’s Avalon and Essendon airports
  1. Brambles Limited

The holding company of Brambles Group. Listed as Australian Securities Exchange.

  • Operational in over 60 countries through CHEP and IFCO brands
  • Promotes sustainable logistics model
  • Adopts sustainability framework for increase value, reduced cost and significant cost efficiencies
  • Has 850 service centres with 3 main transportation divisions: fast moving consumables, reusable plastic crates and containers
  • Helps the environment: eliminates 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 and 1.4 million tonnes of waste by using pallets and RPCs, save 1.6 million cubic meters of raw materials by repairing and reusing pallets and save 1.6 million trees and 4,600 megaliters of water through the share and reuse pallets and RPCs
  1. AirRoad

Provides quality express road freight and 3pl logistics solutions to businesses throughout Australia.

  • Provides high value, low-cost services for consumers within road freight distribution and movement of goods.
  • The first company to place barcode scanning at the front of their services.
  • The extensive Express network enables them to provide overnight or second-day delivery
  • Has door-to-door delivery service
  • The end-to-end service such as warehousing, inventory management, order picking, assembly and consolidation gives the clients cost and efficient savings.

But because of the growing competitive companies within the e-commerce business field, then make sure you prioritize fast delivery rather than free delivery. But be sure to tell your consumers the honest statement on the terms of the delivery and the rate. But there are some certain circumstances that are unavoidable. Make sure to offer your consumer an apology and compromise and plan your shipping strategies for those unavoidable issues.

List of shipping companies in Australia

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