Online Shopping from AliExpress

With almost everything going online nowadays, it is only right that you know your choices on which website you would like to visit and have some business with. Stores are not exempted in this development of technology. You can have your online store even without really having a physical store. You can have your sales even without having to spend all of your time of the day for sales talk. The use of an e-commerce platform is convenient for this.

But then, as you try to surf online, you would only realize that there are a lot of e-commerce platforms out there offering different degrees of convenience for you. Thus, it is important that you first have an overview of a specific platform before you can actually engage in business. This is for you to avoid any unfortunate scenarios when you only want to go online shopping.

AliExpress is an e-commerce platform that has been launched by the Alibaba group in the year 2010. The Alibaba group has founded the B2B platform and it has been recognized worldwide as they have been successful in launching an IPO in September of 2014 which has been the largest at that time. Given that has been quite a success, the Alibaba group is confident that the same can happen with AliExpress.

Online Shopping from AliExpress

As mentioned earlier, is a B2B platform while AliExpress is a B2C. This means that foreigners can actually purchase items from the Mainland China. This platform is similar to that of eBay when it comes to the type of business that can operate on it, which is, the companies or individuals. Whether you are an individual seller or you are a company, you can unlock the possibilities that your store can have worth this platform. However, AliExpress is different from Amazon because the former is only a platform for buy and sell, unlike the latter which is capable of selling products directly to consumers. As you may already know, Amazon has a feature where it can sell some products itself for the customers.

One unique feature of AliExpress though is that it is strict when it comes to who can sell and who can buy in the platform. This is actually awesome as it would only serve its purpose. Only sellers from China can open a store and only the foreigners can buy the products listed on the platform. No Chinese can buy the products sold on this platform and no foreigner can open a store here too.

But then, when you go shopping in this platform, you might be surprised because it does not give too much focus on customer service. Although they provide such assistance, it can only offer a limited help. In fact, when you go to the website and ask for help, you would only be shown possible questions that you can ask and select from the choices that they have prepared for you. However, if you do not think your question is included in the set that they have prepared, then you can send an e-mail for them to answer.

What can you buy in AliExpress?

China is known to be the warehouse of millions of products. This means that you can actually have whatever you need in your daily living to have a comfortable life. You will just have to browse or search the platform. It would be awesome if you explore AliExpress first in order for you to have some kind of a mental map already of what types of products they have. This can save you from spending too much time in looking for a product when it might actually not be available at the moment.

AliExpress has its most popular items to be the clothing, accessories, and electronics which are totally bestselling over the years.

Does this have seller-guaranteed services?


Online Shopping from AliExpress

Although the platform may not focus too much on customer services, its sellers have felt responsible for it. This is actually the reason why AliExpress is encouraging everybody to do have the payments directly to the sellers themselves.

On-time delivery

Online Shopping from AliExpress

The sellers in AliExpress guarantee that you can have the full refund if your product is not delivered at the time that it was supposed to be delivered. For you to avoid this kind of a hassle though, you can just check the product its delivery guarantee time. This will help you out to have your desired delivery date fall with the time frame that will be given to you.

Returns and refund

Online Shopping from AliExpress

Returns and refunds are available with the seller’s guaranteed services too. If you receive your order but it is not as what has been described on the seller’s store, you can actually have the option of negotiating with the seller to make up for it, or just have the refund and be done with it.

Genuine products

Online Shopping from AliExpress

The products listed on AliExpress are genuine ones. If you happen to have a counterfeit product, then you can have a refund for that. However, that has a less possibility of happening because most of the sellers on this platform offer genuine products. Those have also been verified by the platform itself.

These are the important things that you need to know about the AliExpress. It is definitely interesting to have an e-commerce platform that offers the products from the country where it is based. Also, the fact that foreigners cannot open a store in the platform paves the way to an opportunity for their sellers to sell more of their products and get rid of unnecessary competitions in the market.

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