Product vs Seller feedback on Amazon


Amazon is a company that values the customer experience above all else. They have created an efficient machine that makes it frighteningly quick to purchase the exact product you want in one click (do you also receive packages from Amazon that you forgot you ordered?). However, for the discerning customer who wants to research the different options before purchase, there are often many reviews that one could dig through before making their final purchase. More specifically, for each product that you are looking at, you can see two reviews: one is a Product Review, and one is the Seller Review. How are these different, and which matter more to the consumer? And for sellers, which review is more important to your business?

Seller feedback and product reviews play an important role in the success or failure of any third party seller who sells items in the Amazon marketplace. But if you are new to selling on Amazon, you might find that these two terms can be tricky to differentiate. Because both of these metrics have such a big impact on the health of your Amazon business, it is a good idea to be sure you clearly understand the difference between the two as well as how each affects your business.

What is seller feedback?

Seller feedback is information that a customer provides about their purchasing experience and you as a seller, essentially it is a grade that the customer gives you, separate from their opinions of the products that you sell. Customers can give seller feedback in the form of a star rating of one to five stars in addition to any written comments they want to provide to explain their rating. A seller’s average seller feedback score is listed next to their name on their Amazon seller profile. If your seller feedback is good, a customer will not hesitate to purchase from you. On the other hand, negative seller feedback might cause a customer to decide to buy from one of your competitors in order to avoid a less-than-stellar customer experience. Amazon also uses your seller feedback score as a factor in determining whether or not you win the buy box for your product. If you are looking to get the maximum possible sales volume for your product, winning the buy box is a must. Negative Seller Feedback Can Get You Suspended.

To say that Amazon values the customer experience would be an understatement. Customer experience is everything to Amazon, and because of this they closely monitor the performance metrics of their third party sellers to make sure that the customer experience lives up to their incredibly high standards. And Amazon is serious about this if you get enough negative seller feedback, your Amazon account can actually be suspended. In light of how serious Amazon is about negative feedback, be sure to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s seller feedback policy. According to this policy, any seller feedback that includes the following is subject to removal: promotional content, obscene or abusive language, personal information and product reviews. So, if you receive any negative seller feedback that is in violation of Amazon’s seller feedback policy, you can reach out to Amazon and attempt to have the feedback removed.

What is product review?

If a consumer is searching for a product on Amazon, the first thing they’ll notice is the average starred review (out of a maximum of five stars, which is the best) and how many reviews there are. It’s a quick and easy way to ascertain the rough quality of a product and if you should skip over or linger a little bit longer.

For you, the Amazon seller, product reviews are one of your first points of contact with potential buyers. And in a world where product prices are increasingly similar and competitive, having amazing product reviews can help set you apart from your competitors. After all, if a buyer happens upon, say, two laptop chargers that are about the same cost, they’re going to go with the better quality (and better reviewed) one each time. The quantity and quality of product reviews are one of the biggest factors in driving sales for your products. The higher your average product review and the greater the number of reviews, the more likely a customer will choose to purchase your product over the competition. If you are serious about beating out the competition to win sales, then focusing on product reviews should be a top priority for your business.

No matter which kind of reviews you’re concerned with, whether it’s one or the other or both, you can access them easily in your Seller Central account. There, you can see your sales history and what went on with each one, and whether you’re good to let it ride (excellent feedback) or need to take steps in bettering the situation.

Amazon Feedback is similar to a “report card” given by customers. This is mostly about how they found their overall buying experience. Some scholarly studies explain it as an information provided by one’s response to a product, service, and performance as a whole. Feedback is useful in helping buyers with buying decision. The buyer’s decision is usually based on the average feedback score rating (typically increased sales is a result of positive feedback percentage, whereas a low feedback percentage can lead to fewer purchases), winning the Buy Box and protecting a seller from being suspended by Amazon. This happens if the average feedback rating dips below Amazon’s standards. Amazon makes it easy for customers to leave feedback for a seller by using a One to Five-star rating system. The highest feedback you can get is Five stars. The average star rating is next to the name of sellers on their Amazon seller profile.

Both product and seller feedback are important, though product feedback will more heavily influence conversions on a product detail page than seller feedback will. This is the result of the Marketplace’s product-centric (not seller) focus. Unless customers are considering a higher priced item, very few will actually delve deep enough to see a seller’s reviews ratings. They’ll stay on the product page and, if they see good customer reviews and high enough ratings, they’ll likely go through with their purchase as planned.



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