As a merchant who dwells with e-commerce, you need to know about the resources and tools that you can use for your online store. Now is the perfect time for you to know what else you can do in order to improve your website. In order to help you out, here are some suggestions that you might want to consider.

Free Tools and Resources

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free tool for you to research on keywords for the products in your online store. With this, you will be able to know whether a certain product is seasonal or it has been in demand in most times of the year. Keyword Planner can also give you the historical statistics and traffic forecasts for it.

Google Trends

The battle of search engines is still on and you need to know that you have to choose the right keywords in order to generate traffic to your online store. Google Trends can help you choose the best keywords, now the hottest trends, find sites and articles to backlink, monitor your brand, check your competitors, and even identify the regions where a particular keyword is used more often. With this, you will be able to find the accurate information on search rankings and trending topics.

Camel Camel Camel

This works for you if you are using Amazon in searching for products. This is a free tool which is definitely helpful in tracking and monitoring the products of any listing that you want. In fact, it can give you alerts for the price drop, provide you with the price history charts, and even browse add-ons for your browser.


One of the best tools for sending emails in promoting your online store is MailChimp. It is for free if you have up to 2,000 subscribers or when you send 12,000 emails per month, which is really best for you start-up. It offers features on delivering by time zone, email designing, merge tags, spam filter diagnostics, custom forms and more!


If you want to have your products’ images be resized with ease, you can utilise this tool. You will be able to resize photos without compromising its quality.


Because of the development of technology, most of your customers may be using their smartphones and other gadgets in visiting your site. You need to know how it looks like in their perception and this tool can definitely help you with that.


As you are going to promote your brand in social media for greater visibility, you need this tool in order to make the task simpler for you. You can have your posts scheduled, content performance is tracked, and even manage all of the social media accounts for your business in this tool.

Moz: Open Site Explorer

How would you love to know about your competitors’ SEO performances? This tool can help you with that. You can utilise this in order to identify opportunities for your online store to improve and determine the weak points of your business in order to fix it as soon as you can.


Now you do not need to spend much on Photoshop. You can actually make use of this tool in order to edit images and have a high-quality result without having to pay for it. This is easy to use and is definitely a valuable tool for your online store.


With a free trial of two weeks, you can have a simple customization opportunity on your online store and enjoy a real-time reporting of your sales and customer ratings. You can help your customers with their troubles in shopping in your store with the use of automated messages and unlimited conversations with this tool.


Did you know that you do not have to worry so much about shipping your products to your customers? With ShipStation that has a free 30-day trial, you can import, manage, and ship your orders easily. This tool can give you the benefit of attending to as many orders as you have by shipping your products in a way that would be convenient for you.


Use it for sourcing products. You can start from having a small number of orders to test the waters before investing in a larger amount of money.


You will be able to source the products, find awesome deals from suppliers.


ThomasNet is an accessible tool for you to find your suppliers and source products. With the number of suppliers and products that are available here, you are surely going to be able to find what you are going to see in your online store.


This is a competitive tool for you to try on if you want to have awesome graphics in your online store. Fiverr lets you build your own e-commerce website, let it grow with digital marketing, and build a strong brand.

Feedback Genius

Follow up your customers and build your own feedbacks and reviews with such an ease with this tool. This can be the perfect partner for your online store, with a 30-day free trial that does not even require a credit card.


Get your customers’ emails in order for you to contact them when you have some special offers in your online store. This tool can help you ignite their interests and visit your website right there and then, especially with its 14-day trial.


Create a fantastic landing page for your customers when they visit your website with this tool. You can also acquire their emails by using this.


Sellics is an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers. If you are one of them, then you can enjoy this tool’s services on measuring your profit, improving your rankings, managing your reviews, and monitoring your competitors. But, the convenience does not end there since it can also help you research products to sell, control your inventory, and optimize Amazon Ads.


The tool that you can use for running your Amazon business and letting it grow is finally here. You can track keyword and performance, monitor your inventory, have an automatic reporting, and more with Cashcowpro. You can have this with a free trial as well.

Tax Jar

Spend more time with your business by having lesser time with the sales tax. Let Tax Jar handle sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings for you.


Whether you are an eBay or Amazon seller you can do great for your online store with this tool. It helps you find new opportunities, increase your profits, get your listings found, and measure your performance.


Get ready to have your brand be an e-commerce empire with this tool. This helps you to build, launch, and scale your business in a way that it can reach more audience.

World Freight rates

This tool can let you know about the different shipping fee rates and taxes included when you ship a product to your customer in another region. This can totally give you a relief from any unnecessary worries about it.


You may find it necessary for you to have a team to maintain and monitor the sales of your e-commerce website. Trello can help you assign tasks in every member that you have and you can make sure that everybody has each of their tasks for the day.


You can create a workspace for your team in order for you to monitor their tasks for each day. This is a tool for you to have a foundation for teamwork which is crucial when it comes to business. Let the communications among your team be simplified for greater understanding, let your team find the answer to their questions in an efficient way, and streamline your workflow with this tool.

Paid Tools and Resources

Worlds largest and safest place to hire English speaking Filipino workers. The website has the largest database of Filipino virtual workers (commonly used term VAs) – more than 250,000 profiles and 10,000+ Filipino join each month.


With BigCommerce, you can establish an awesome e-commerce website. This resource can provide your assistance in choosing your e-commerce template, customizing your website, and even migrate your store and import products for your convenience. Also, it is worth noting that you can have the best assistance here because of the support team that is definitely competitive and committed to giving you the success that you want.


You can have an awesome and organized inventory for your online store with StitchLabs. You have the full control as this tool offers an optimized order management. As a result, you can have an operational transparency, accurate forecasting and planning, and a better cash flow.


Sellbrite is a multichannel tool that can integrate your inventory to prevent any possibility of overselling your products in your online store. With this tool, you can save time in automatic listing and updating your price list in multiple channels. You can also be able to optimize your sales with cross-channel reports from your different channels.


If you want to have a tool for advanced order, inventory and analytics for your online store, then Skubana is what you are looking for. You can unify your entire business here and automate everything from fulfillment to purchasing making it a convenient online shopping for your customers and an easy tool for you as a seller. With this, your true profits can be revealed and you can also discover the opportunities for you to save money.


SolidCommerce offers total functionality in just one platform. You can have a centralized inventory, automated repricer, and bulk product listing. You can also have an easier access to the orders and shipping, and dashboard and reports. Take advantage of this tool in order to have the opportunity to boost sales, increase profitability, and streamline your operations.


Webgility gives you the ease of selling in multiple channels in one unified view. You can also have an automated accounting which saves you the trouble of doing it yourself with this tool. You can also track where your money is going to be spend especially by preventing errors and losses in your online store and controlling your costs.


ChannelAdvisor is the perfect tool that you need if you want to connect to your customers, optimize your operations, and even grow sales channels. With this, you can be successful when it comes to selling more and improving your customer services.


IronLinx is another tool that you can try on. It has services offered to e-commerce sellers be it in Amazon or eBay. It can also give you a pricing model that can help you dominate in your competition.

Keep in touch with your customers with this tool. It can let you talk with an HD voice, have a conference, group message, text message, chat calls, and fax. This tool can let you have a long distance call too since you may have a broad scope for your e-commerce website.


Have your customers feel delighted with the support that you can offer with this HelpScout tool. You can either use this as a help desk for your customers or a shared inbox where you can get a client support, team collaboration and more.


If you are having troubles in looking for the perfect products for you online store, then you should use this Amasuite tool. It can help you find the top performing product in any category. This provides ease of access for you with its gorgeous layout too.


GuidedImports is a tool that you can use for product validation as it also gives you an accurate landed cost analysis, do quality control inspections for your products in order for you to make sure that you offer high-quality products to your customers, and help you with the shipping and logistics. With the quality of your products, you can have the confidence of selling them and earning what you are due.


This is the tool that you need the most if you want to have awesome graphics in your online store. Your brand logo will surely look great with this tool.


99designs is a tool that can help your brand be known to your customers by having awesome graphics. You can have your logo and packaging design here as well as a brand guide and definitely many others.


Acquire your customers’ emails easily with this tool. You can then have a perfect use for those emails that you collect when you want to promote your brand or when you want to send a weekly newsletter to your customers.


Your online store needs to have some giveaways from time to time to keep your customers getting excited about your products. This tool is perfect in growing your audience and keeping them thrilled of what you have to offer.

In listing your products in Amazon, you will need a UPC code. This is a perfect tool for it especially with the price that it offers.


If you need a legal assistance for your online store, you will need this tool. This can help you in starting your business and in running it as well.

Product Liability Insurance

In Amazon, you will be required to have a policy when you reach a $10,000 of sales per month. You don’t need to worry about making it because this tool can totally help you.


Stay out of trouble when shipping to other areas and not knowing about their tax fees. With this tool, you wouldn’t get caught off-guard.

Jungle Scout Extension

If you are using the Amazon platform, you can utilise this tool in searching for products that you want to have for your site. This tool can help you a lot in finding opportunities with lesser time consumed than manual searching while you stay ahead of the competition.


Shopify can help you in your online shop especially if you need help with the logo or slogan. It can also help you generate a business name, resize the images that you will be using, generate the terms and conditions of your business and much more. You can consider this as your go-to tool when you need help with your online store.


Instapage considers itself to be the best builder of a competitive landing page. It can help you to capture leads for your business, optimize website and more.


You need to have a set of awesome themes for your online store. Divi can help you with it especially that it has established 87 elegant themes already.


This tool can help you send emails to your customers. You can create emails here and this tool can make sure that you are doing the right thing in order to win your customers over and over again.


As you may have already predicted, your customers may need to contact you for queries about the products that you are offering. With this tool, you will be able to reach one another in no time. This means lesser time for doubts and more time for shopping.