Sell online with Shopify

Together with the development of technology is the improvement of the way people shop for products and services that they need for their daily living. Of course, customers can still get out of their houses and shop, but it is the idea of an online store where almost everything that they need is available. Plus, deliveries at their very own doorstep can also be arranged as well.

Sell online with Shopify

So, what is stopping from grabbing this opportunity and actually sell online? If it is the platform where you want to sell is the problem, then you should stop worrying about it anymore. You can sell online with Shopify. But before you dive into this e-commerce platform, you should know about its basics first. This is the best way for you to have store setup and your products ready for your customers’ browsing.

Shopify: Key Features

One way of getting to know Shopify is to learn about the features that it has set up for you to enjoy when you are selling on this platform. These tools have been prepared for you in order to for you to run your business properly and with little to no troubles along the way.


Shopify has both paid and free themes that you can use for your store. Not only that, these themes have been customized in order for you to stylize your store and make it look great for your customers.

Admittedly, you can find more attractive themes when you go to the paid themes category on the Shopify Theme Store. However, paid themes are not to be confused with the free themes because the latter offers a lot of awesome ones as well. You can actually visit the Shopify Theme Store to browse on the possible themes that you can use for your store.


Aside from the themes that Shopify offers, they also have apps for you. You can choose from the free and paid apps in the Shopify App Store on the best ones that you can use to maximize the functionality that you have for your business. Not only do you need to give your customers the convenience of shopping in your store but you also have to give yourself a treat on this one. With the appropriate apps, you can have a really awesome and accessible store to set up and invite customers in.

Apps in the paid section can have a lot more of functionalities and convenience that it can offer to your store. For starters though, when you are still trying to explore on this platform, you can experiment a bit with the free apps and notice how much it can do to improve your store.


Shopify definitely offers convenience to its sellers as it accepts credit card payments for every purchase that you make in their stores. You need to know though that the credit card rates are based on the Shopify plan that you avail.

Shopify Plan.

With Shopify, you have three options as to which plan you are going to avail. Basic Shopify charges $29 (36.09 AUD) per month for the online rate but with a 3.5% + 30¢ for International cards. Shopify has a $79 (98.32 AUD) per month for online rate with a 3.4% + 30¢ for International cards. The Advanced Shopify charges $299 (372.12 AUD) per month for online rate with a 3.3% + 30¢ for International cards.

Do not worry if you want to change your plans though because you can do so easily. You can change your Shopify plans at any time that you want in order to be able to access the features that remain unlock which you think you will need for your business to grow.

Shopify blog.

You can learn so much more about Shopify because they have a blog for you. The blog contains guides and articles that can surely help you out especially when you encounter any types of trouble in your use of this platform.

The Shopify blog can also help you out in running your business and in connecting with your customers. Let them know that your business is functioning well so that you can drive more traffic to your store and therefore increase your chances of having your products sold to customers.

Support team.

You really do not have to feel alone in your business venture in Shopify. This platform has an awesome support team that is available for you at any time of every day. Regardless of the Shopify plan you are having, the support team is going to be there for you.

This is the reason why you do not have to be scared to take any chances on your store. You can always consult the team if you have doubts on some things and you can expect them to respond to your queries as soon as they can.

What do you need to start selling?

Are you up for this e-commerce platform? Then it is time for you to know what you need to start selling on Shopify.

First on the list is the Shopify platform. You need this to be your platform where you can design your store, customize some functionalities that you make available for your audience and upload the products that you are going to sell to your customers. Your products or services is the second on the list. You need to have an established product where you have your own brand to sell. In these products, you also need to have great product descriptions that will suit well to each of your products. This can make your audience know more about what you are offering to them. Lastly, a credit card. You need to have a credit card with you in order to pay Shopify of the plan that you have chosen after the free trial period that you have.

Sell online with Shopify   Sell online with Shopify   Sell online with Shopify

How can customers pay?

Shopify has payment methods for the customers that are surely going to be convenient for you as a seller as well. In fact, you can have the decision as to how you would want your customers to have. Apparently, as of now, Shopify offers options such as Cash on Demand, Money Orders, and much more. You can just give the details of your preferred payment method for your customers in Shopify when you set up a seller account on the platform.

These are the basic information that you need to know about Shopify in order for you to start on your e-commerce. You need to pay attention to every detail provided and for the fields that you are going to fill in because it is how you are going to have your store on Shopify. Always remember though that you can ask for assistance in the Shopify Support Team whenever you find yourself in doubt of something really crucial to your business.

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