Selling digital products on Amazon

Do you think you would rather have digital products as your niche for your online store? Well, you need to find the best e-commerce platform for that. Amazon is one of the top performing platforms that you can rely on when it comes to digital products. If you do it right, you can achieve success in this venture.

Since Amazon is one of the most impressive e-commerce platforms that you can opt for with this niche, you need to know about selling digital products here. You should not ignore the fact that even the basics of the information should also be regarded as important as it can definitely contribute to your success.

One thing that you need to be assured of the Amazon platform is that you can sell digital products. You can have software for both operative system and website protection where you can target companies especially those who are also on an e-commerce website. They will need these kinds of products in order to maintain the security of their accounts and keep their customers coming.

Online applications, games, videos, and e-books can be sold on Amazon too. With these products, you can target almost everybody of any age. As you know by now, most people have their own smartphones and other gadgets that can help them surf the web and access online sites.

Well, as smartphones and other gadgets are meant to provide quality entertainment to its users, among everything else, it is important that your digital products that would cater the interests of the smartphone users should be accessible and absolutely commendable as well. This is just a way to have your customers coming into your online store and increase your sales percentage.

Although, you should know too that you will not be allowed to sell any form of digital products when you do not own them. You need to have a license or rights over the products that you sell. You just can’t afford to have cases filed against you for selling a product that is not yours, and without the consent of the owners. It wouldn’t be ethical.

So, how do you sell your digital products on Amazon?

Selling digital products on Amazon

Hail, the Amazon Instant Access!

With the Amazon Instant Access, you can list your digital products on Amazon just like how you can list your physical products. It is absolutely easy for you and for your customers as well to find your products that will cater their needs for their smartphones, iPad, or any gadgets that they consider for entertainment use. With this feature of the Amazon e-commerce platform, your digital products’ discoverability, as well as the customer satisfaction, is most likely to be achieved.

This future of Amazon also offers the convenience for your customers to have a direct delivery of your digital products that they have purchased. This is definitely impressive for an online store and for your customers as well. By giving them excellent services, you are most likely to have your goal when it comes to website traffic as well as the sales percentage.

Selling digital products on Amazon


First thing that you need to set up in order to get the advantages of the Amazon Instant Access is to provide the endpoints of the account linking and the item purchase. These will serve as the contact information for the Amazon services to contact you once a customer has decided to purchase your digital products.

For existing accounts, though, the Amazon services team will have to forward the user ID or the username that a customer who wants to purchase your digital products has. This will prompt your web services to send back an immutable ID that will serve as an aid for the subsequent requests that are associated with the customer’s purchase.

Selling digital products on Amazon


Your account integration with the Amazon Instant Access is most likely going to take about 2-3 days. However, it would be wise of you to allow an extension of 3-5 days for the verification and testing purposes of your account. This is for you and the Amazon services team to make sure that your account is going to function well. It just wouldn’t feel right to have your customers purchase your products without your account being fully integrated.

Selling digital products on Amazon

Welcome Email.

Amazon allows sellers to have a Welcome Email for their subscribers who have signed up in Amazon. However, the Amazon services team has made it to a point where these supposed welcome emails should not have an encouraging note for the subscribers to directly subscribe to the seller itself. It is also not possible for you to have a confusing billing as a content of your Welcome Email.

These are the basic points that you need to know in selling digital products on Amazon. You should realize by now that you need to organize your thoughts about your niche and start integrating your account already. Make sure that you have in mind the satisfaction of your customers because they will be the one who is most likely to determine the success of your online store.

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