Selling e-books on Amazon

Are you a skilled writer? Are you interested in books with various genres? Why don’t you publish one for yourself? Take advantage of your talent and skills in writing a book in whichever genre you feel comfortable with writing. You can actually earn from it. Yes, you heard it right. You can write a book, publish, and earn money from it.

Amazon features Kindle Direct Publishing where you can publish your own eBooks and paperbacks for free, and let it be read by millions of readers that have been on Amazon for quite some time. But how does it work? What can you benefit from it?

What is an eBook?

We are living in an era where almost everything you want is in the gadgets or devices already. You don’t go out to play outdoor games anymore. Instead, you stay inside your room all day and play with various interesting apps from your smartphone or iPad. Technology has been greatly improved such that, you do not have to read passages from books anymore. You don’t get to flip pages from books to turn to the next one. Now, we have the choice of resorting to an eBook.

Selling e-books on Amazon

eBook is a shortened electronic book. This is a book just like what you are had before you were introduced to smartphones or iPad. It is a book but, a virtual one. This has advantages of letting you read even with your lights off because the screen of your device will give you the light. An eBook also frees you from the burden of having to carry numerous heavy books that you want to read. With an eBook, you can have as many books in your virtual as possible and you do not have to carry them one by one, anywhere you go.

As mentioned earlier, Amazon which is a popular online retailer offers an opportunity for you to write an eBook of your own choice of genre. You can then publish it in Kindle Direct Publishing and let them do the selling for you. In fact, when you do this, your eBook has the potential to reach various readers from around the world who use Amazon or Kindle to read books. Especially, you can earn from it as well.

Here are some benefits that you can definitely have if you publish your own eBook or paperback:

Reach more audience.

Once you have your eBook written and published in Kindle Direct Publishing, you have a huge possibility that it would be seen by millions of eBook readers on Amazon. It would only take more or less 5 minutes for the Kindle Direct Publishing to actually get your eBook to the market. Plus, it would be in the Kindle stores nationwide for 24-48 hours. Such exposure will definitely lead to sales.

Make more money.

Once you get your readers involved, you can then earn your money with the eBook that you have published. Wherever your location may be, US, Canada, UK, Australia, and more, you can earn up to 70% royalty on the sales. This is actually awesome if you are into earning money and pursuing your passion of writing.

Control your eBook.

If you think you cannot make any changes on your eBook once you have published at Kindle Direct Publishing, you’re clearly wrong. In this platform, you are definitely in control of almost everything. You can totally make changes in your books published at any desired time. You can also set the prices for your eBooks too.

These benefits can totally lure you into publishing right here and right now. However, you should know first as to how you can publish your eBook in Kindle Direct Publishing.

Selling e-books on Amazon

Step 1. You should first prepare your manuscript as you cannot publish your eBook without a content. You can then refer to the tools recommended by KDP itself in order to have your content awesome and readable for your audience.

Step 2. The contents of your book and you book in totality should adhere to the content and quality guidelines that KDP has set up for you. This is to make sure that your book is suitable for your audience and that it is not made in poor quality taste just to earn money.

Step 3. In order for you to have an access in KDP, you should have your Amazon account to sign in. However, if you do not have one just yet, you can create it yourself. It is not a complicated process so you can complete in no time. This way, you will be able to save your valuable time and focus on your eBook instead.

Step 4. Your browser should be updated. There are some features for KDP that will need you to have an updated browser, or else, you might be having troubles with grabbing this opportunity to finally use KDP for self-publishing your eBook.

Step 5. In order for you to create or upload your manuscript, you can go to your Bookshelf in your KDP account. Look for the “Create a New Title” section, and click the + Kindle eBook. Then, you need to enter the information for each field.

For the Kindle eBook details, you need to have your Title, Description of your eBook, Keywords associated with it, Categories as to where your eBook seems fit.

For your Kindle eBook Content, you can have your manuscript uploaded and then create your own cover. There is also an option for you to preview your eBook.

For your Kindle eBook Pricing, you can select the regions or countries where you have the distribution rights. You can then select for a royalty plan and set your list price.

Step 6. Publish. Once you have all of the fields filled in and once you have finished checking your eBook for possible errors, you can then publish it.

You should grab this opportunity to write your own eBook rather than be a reader of different authors. Try to think of it, even your favourite authors, who are alive, can even access your own write-up. That is spectacular! And, in trying to write one for yourself, you can actually earn. Kindle Direct Publishing can help you with it and even let yourself be well-known. Awesome. Now grab your pen and paper, or your laptop, and get yourself writing an eBook.

Selling e-books on Amazon

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