Selling on Amazon in Australia

Amazon is already setting up their centre in Australia and it’s high time that you figure out how to take advantage of selling on Amazon in Australia! Of course, as you may already know, you are not the only one who has this in mind already. In fact, right at this instant, your potential competitors are planning out for their entry on Amazon AU too!

But, you should remember that preparing for it is an essential tip that you must consider doing first before you go on recklessly listing your products and services up. Nope, that wouldn’t do much good. You should know the basics first before you can go on with selling on Amazon in Australia.


With the arrival of Amazon in Australia, its competition among the local retailers is on the lookout. It is expected that a lot of retailers and small businesses are going to be affected with this and that they should have been planning their own survival right at this instant.

But within Amazon AU too, there is a growing competition. Amazon allows a global trading where businesses and companies from around the world can actually sell their own products and services as well. This makes for a larger competition in the retailing industry and it is only right to devise a plan as soon as of today in order to stay in the market for a long time even with the existence of Amazon in Australia.

Australian Businesses

Selling on Amazon in Australia

In the entry on Amazon in Australia, it has sent the other local Australian businesses to somehow put up their own seller central account on Amazon and earn some more with the said platform. As you may well remember, Amazon has been well-known for its being a first party retailer and a third party retailer, all at the same time!

With this, it is actually expected that Amazon AU is going to have its own sellers soon as the final launching is nearing. In fact, they already have hired a thousand Aussies during their hiring session in the earlier part of the year. This means that there are a lot of people who have been anticipating for the Amazon AU to actually expand the economy and provide more opportunities for businesses to sell.

Here are some of the possible reasons why you should get on your feet right now and become an Amazon AU seller.

Expand business.

Of course, you need to expand your business. Using Amazon AU is a good thing to do so because there is a huge opportunity for you and your products and services to be exposed internationally. Amazon has high-quality markets in China and US and these could totally boost your sales.

By being an Amazon seller, you will be able to reach a greater scope of the target audience that you do right now with your local business. This is actually a pretty great start for you!

Direct shipment.

Most people have in mind that when you reach for new markets that you have never reached before, you are more likely to pay high shipping fees. But this is not true with Amazon as they have FBA centres in a lot of countries right now.

This means that you can actually ship items directly to the centres and skip the warehousing because of the Global fulfilment that Amazon offers.


This has already been emphasized earlier that when you start listing your products and services on Amazon, you are going to have the exposure that you and your business needs.

You should remember that with increased exposure to the audience, you can also have a broader scope of potential customers.

Customize shipping rates.

When you choose to have your business with Amazon AU, you have the opportunity to customize the shipping fee rates depending on the standard that you know. But this feature is only for sellers who register themselves in the seller central as professional.

Make use of FBA.

Selling on Amazon in Australia

FBA is also known as the Fulfilment by Amazon in which you can opt for having it on some of your products only. You can take advantage of this Amazon feature when you have an item that you find it hard to ship. When you use FBA, the item immediately gets its own eligibility to be shifted with Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime.

Plus, the negative feedback that you acquire from your customer will not affect your performance as well. Amazon handles the returns of FBA so you really do not have to worry about the negative feedbacks.

10% GST selling fee

Amazon AU has recently announced that there is going to be a 10% GST selling fee for those Amazon sellers that are based on Australia. However, this is not so when you are already registered for GST. This means that you need to have your ABN or the Australian Business Number to Amazon and that you need to register to the Australian Taxation Office for GST. From there you should lodge quarterly or annual Business Activity Statements depending on what may be convenient for you and your business.

Products sold on Amazon AU

For now, the products that are being sold in Amazon AU are Kindle and related offers. There is not much here except those but it is expected to have other products as well as the time of its launching will come near. The supposed launch of Amazon AU is said to be in the latter months of 2018.

When you are selling on Amazon in Australia, you should know this information and a lot more! Yes, there are still a lot of mysteries regarding the start-up of Amazon AU and how you can sell on it but with time, everything is going to be released. In fact, there are a lot of forums regarding these and it is expected that a lot more valuable information is going to be published soon. And in due time, the items on the Amazon AU catalogue will also expand to different sectors in order to suffice the needs of the customers and sellers.


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