Should You Hire a Sourcing Agent for Your Online Store?

Self-sourcing is a cost-effective way of getting the items and supplies you need for your online business or dropshipping business. However, it takes a lot of time and work – resources that you could put to better use. Sometimes, you may need some help from sourcing agents due to several major factors in sourcing products.

hiring a sourcing agent for you online store

Here are some reasons why you should hire a sourcing agent:

1. Sourcing agents handle customs papers and approval.

Every country has an intense customs approval process due to trade and tariff laws. There are a lot of bills to pay and papers to process. It can take weeks to months to get approval on your own, due to scheduling and lack of due diligence.

2. They manage inspections from government agencies.

Every product you source from other countries have to pass inspections from the agencies that handle them. These can include food and drug organizations, trade organizations, supply organizations, and more. Sourcing agents are able to process the papers needed under your approval.

3. They handle quality assurance.

While manufacturers conduct their own quality assurance methods, you may want to get a local seal of approval for your products. Not only will this increase your brand’s value, it also builds trust with your clients.

4. They make sure you get the right number of products or amount of supplies you ordered.

When you don’t use sourcing agents, you have to handle missing products or excess products delivered to your door. This can be a headache as it takes away time from your daily responsibilities. Sourcing agents will ensure that you get the right number of products. If not, they will also handle returns and reordering.

5. They have insurance.

While you can apply for your own insurance, it’s easier to have a sourcing company process any liabilities using their own insurance. This saves you time and money, should there be a problem from your side.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Sourcing Agent?

The biggest benefit for you is that you get more time to focus on your biggest priorities. This could include:

  • Sales
  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • And so much more

Basically, hiring a sourcing agent can help you focus on ways to make your company grow. Just make sure that you get a sourcing agent you trust – someone who can do the job as well as you do or better.

Aside from that, hiring a sourcing agent can save you a lot of money for the long term. Instead of waiting in long lines and going from office to office to get your papers processed, your sourcing agent can do that instead.

You also save on transportation and logistics, especially if your sourcing agent has good connections and discounts with shipping companies all over the world.

Should You Hire a Sourcing Agent for Your Online Store?

A Final Note

Some of you may not want to hire sourcing agents, and that is okay. It just means that you would rather work and learn yourself. This could also be an advantage for you. However, when you decide to hire a sourcing agent, make sure you vet them and ensure that they are a trusted company with no legal issues.

Here’s a short video of what you should look for in sourcing agents:

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