The battle of the big three – BigCommerce vs Neto vs Shopify

Here comes the arena for the best e-commerce platform that you can use to sell your products and services online. Of course, you deserve to know about this comparison especially that the success of your online store may rely on the special features that each of the big three, BigCommerce, Neto and Shopify, have. Now there’s no more strolling away from the possibility of having a successful online business. With hard work, high-quality products, and a competitive e-commerce platform, you can surely achieve your revenue goals at the end of each quarter.

In order to accurately compare the big three, you need to know about their basic information, as well as their major features. These will be able to help you sort out which one stands the tallest and therefore the one which you can definitely use as a platform for your online store. Let’s proceed to the arena.


Entry Level Plan

In order for you to be able to use each of this e-commerce platforms, you need to know that you have to apply for a plan. And, of course, this can be a factor as to whether a particular platform for you is best among the rest.

In BigCommerce, you can have an access to their platform by having a Standard Plan where you pay 29.95 AUD per month. With this, you will be able to use the basic features that it has, putting up your online store, uploading products, assigning categories and the like. You can have an unlimited number of products here with an unlimited file storage as well.

In Neto e-commerce solution, you will need a standard plan as well in order to have an account and enjoy the features offered. You pay 79 AUD for this per month. It has no sales limited but it has a limit on products being only 1000 of them. Although, just like the BigCommerce platform, it also has an unlimited file storage.

Shopify is almost the same with the other two contenders which also requires you to have a basic plan in order to have an account in this e-commerce platform. You only need to pay about 39.64 AUD per month for this and you will be able to make use of the features that are offered for this kind of plan. Just like Neto e-commerce solutions, it has no sales limit but it is also similar with BigCommerce in being able to have an unlimited number of products. Shopify is also being competitive in that it also has an unlimited file storage.

Transaction fee

As a business-minded person you are, you also need to know about the transaction fee when you access any of these e-commerce platforms.

BigCommerce doesn’t have a transaction fee, especially that it already accepts credit cards and PayPal for payment. This is great for the customers as it offers the convenience that they need. Of course, this definitely works for you as well.

Neto also doesn’t have any transaction fees on their plans.

Shopify has a 2% transaction fee,, but this time it also comes with an external payment gateway.


There will always come a time when you need some support in building your online business. Yes, you can find some tutorials online, they’re just anywhere on the internet. However, you might want to ask some question that hasn’t been covered with these tips and you might just prefer to have a direct help with the support team of your e-commerce platform.

In BigCommerce, you do not have to worry about having encountered a problem because their support system is available 24/7. You can just send them an email or call their phone that is designated to help you at any time you will need it.

Neto e-commerce solutions have already established their base in Brisbane, so it would be easier for you to just head in there and ask, even let the team walk you through their e-commerce platform. You need to take note that this platform has been founded by Australians themselves so you can actually just have a friendly conversation right there as you would both be in more or less the same wavelength. This has the best support team of the three being compared because you can see them in person and let them help you with your online store. They can also be reached by sending an email to their support team or calling their phone.

Shopify, of course, as competent as it can ever be, does not let itself get behind these two. They also have a support system of their own which can help you in any problem that you can encounter with the use of their platform. You can send them an e-mail or give them a call. Rest assured, you can have the perfect solution for your problem with their designated team.

And of course, nothing is perfect. This is the very reason why you should also know about the worst disadvantages that you can have with each of these platforms. You should be able to make use of it in order to justify your decisions as to which e-commerce platform would best suit your preferences and that of your online store.

The battle of the big three - BigCommerce vs Neto vs Shopify

The worst con would be the fact that there is actually an extra fee for those successful sellers. This means that when you become successful with your online store, that would mean that you are going to pay an extra fee for it. And, as a result, you place the extra fee on the products that the customers are browsing. In simpler terms, you make your customer pay for the extra fee. It actually wouldn’t feel right if you have your customers to pay for your success, right? The best thing that you could do for this is to maintain your high-quality products and let them feel satisfied for what they have paid for.

The battle of the big three - BigCommerce vs Neto vs Shopify

Neto e-commerce solutions.
With Neto, most of the disadvantages reviewed by its users dwell on the customisation of their online store. They want to customise their products to be viewed in a particular order but find it hard to do so, or there is just no possibility of doing it. Also, the seller has to dive into the products in order to edit some characteristics of a product when in fact, on other platforms, they can easily do so without going into the products anymore.

The battle of the big three - BigCommerce vs Neto vs Shopify

In Shopify, most of the reviews refer to the codes being used on this platform. yes, it may be true that they are encouraging you to explore more of their platform to improve your online store, however, you would definitely need an expert advice on it. One wrong step might actually lead to you having trouble with the online store that you have already established.

These are all the things that you need to consider in choosing the best e-commerce platform among the Big Three. Remember though that your skills and techniques in managing and marketing your products and your online store would also be a factor in determining your success with the e-commerce platforms. Now that you may have a platform in mind, it would be best to start with your online store as soon as possible in order for you to have more time in marketing and in other tasks in order to promote your store.

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