Things you should know about selling on eBay


Selling online has become the new trend in the business world in today’s generation. Because of the evolution of internet, electronic commerce or e-commerce is popping all over the World Wide Web. From all kinds of shops selling random products even the ones you can’t find in the brick and mortar stores. As consumers are increasingly demanding for online shopping making it reducing the need for retail space, and even have parking lots empty. Although, E-commerce is still a small segment of the overall retails around the globe, its rapid growth caught the attention of many firms and industries. Making them much more competitive and wiser to choose rather than the offline stores.

Advantages of selling online are more for the customers, it provides convenience because the stores are open 24/7 and very easy to go to with just a few clicks if given that the customers has their own internet connection. You can even ask for further information with reviews from the previous consumers. And for price comparison, in the online shops, you can easily compare because you don’t have to waste car gas to get to places and look cheaper items, with just few clicks, you will get there.

There are numerous online retail shop you can search for but one of the biggest and most trusted retail shop headquartered in California, is eBay.



eBay is a multinational e-commerce corporation that provides consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales through the website. eBay is a multi-billion-dollar firm operating on over 30 countries. The website is free to use for buyers although the sellers are charged with fees when listing their items after a limited free listings.

In selling on eBay, there are exception to the general rule of selling, such as you can’t the following items: tobacco, alcohol, drugs and drug paraphernalia, Nazi paraphernalia, bootleg recordings, firearms and ammunition, police and emergency equipment, intentionally soiled underwear and dirty used clothing, illegal documents, human body parts, live animals, gambling items, and many more. In shipping their items, during the auction phase, eBay provides multiple shipping choices to sellers: ordinary mail, express mail, or courier service. And it is the decision of the seller if they will offer single or multiple shipping choices for the buyer. If the buyer opts for cheaper shipping, it may take one to two months but if he or she is in a hurry, they can pay an extra fee for second class shipping or first class shipping.


eBay selling 101

When you sell, you can’t spend a lot of your time just hovering over the wrong details while bypassing the major and crucial part in preparing. Here are some question and checklist before selling on eBay:

  1. Personal or business account?

You need to ask yourself what exactly do you want an eBay account for. Unless you already have an established brick and mortar store, you can go for a personal account. Start simply. Set up your account legally. Register your business name with your state and follow the state’s law regarding the sales tax collection.

  1. Be consistent and constant.

If you already have another e-commerce account, make sure to use the same seller name on eBay. Make sure to pick a name that is not offensive or sexually suggestive and does not convey any negative attribute. Although, you can change your name later after setting up your account as often as 30 days.

  1. Have a PayPal account ready.

This is for the seller to get paid. You can start using your personal PayPal account and upgrade later if needed. PayPal does not allow to have one personal and one business account. You need to have 2 unique information for the 2 accounts.

  1. Where to return?

The buyers will need to see a return address in case the items you shipped were damage along the shipping or if the items were not the right ones. You can use your home address until you start selling on regular times. If you don’t want it to be on your home then you can get a PO box, you can get this at your local post office.

  1. Weigh and measure the shipment package before listing.

You need to have the item boxed and any cushioning measures added before clicking for listing. This is for the buyer to not get messed up with the shipping fees.

  1. The Rules

The members aren’t allowed to:

  1. Interfere with the eBay site
  2. Use profanity
  3. Infringe on eBay’s intellectual property
  4. Create new account or buy and sell on other existing accounts to avoid restrictions or limits
  5. Make offers to buy and sell outside of eBay
  6. Falsely report that another member has violated an eBay policy

The members:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Can’t misrepresent their identities
  3. Must always provide valid contact information and email address
  4. Can’t publish the contact information to other members in online public area
  5. Must choose their user ID according to eBay rules
  6. Set up a seller account

Confirm that the name and address on the file given is correct. Confirm your phone number. Specify an automatic payment method for paying your seller fees and eBay Money Back Guarantee reimbursements. Get PayPal Verified.

  1. Create a listing

When you list an item, we make recommendations based on similar listings. These suggestions can help you sell your item faster and at a better price. Start by describing your item in clear, simple terms. We then identify the most relevant category so potential buyers can find it fast. We also provide pricing guidance and tips. Before listing an item, you might want to compare it with active and completed listings for similar items, to get an idea of recent selling prices.

In eBay, customer is always right. If a buyer claims that they didn’t receive their product, eBay has every right to demand their policy for refund. Have a tracking number for every shipments you do.


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