Tips to optimize your e-commerce store speed

An awesome e-commerce platform can be a factor to your success. However, you should know that it is not all that you need to decide on when it comes to e-commerce. Success can come in many ways. In fact, with the right and accurate strategy, you will be able to succeed with your online store and achieve each and every goal that you may have set beforehand.

Your website should also be customer-friendly. You just can’t let your customers wait for too long for your site to load. That would be definitely annoying and it might push them away from your store. This means a decrease in the sales performance. You should be able to solve this problem as soon as possible in order for you to have a lesser risk of customers going out of your store unsatisfied, without even having to browse for the products that you are offering.

Thus, a wonderfully perfect solution for this would be for you to optimize your e-commerce store speed. This could entice your target customers to come and visit your store and even encourage them to actually purchase products of their liking. In fact, people who may just be passing by your store may actually be urged to come in and browse your products as a pastime, because it doesn’t take too long to load.

So, what are the tips that you should consider in order to optimize your e-commerce store speed?

Page size.

Tips to optimize your e-commerce store speed

In order for your online store to load faster and minimize the risk of losing your customers, one of the things that you should consider is the size of your page. A page already includes the images, JavaScript and CSS. This is measured in kilobytes and the larger the size, the longer time it needs in order to load properly.

How do you measure the page size? Easy, you just have to save the page on your computer as a web archive. You are most likely going to access this on your browser or on your Downloads folder. When you have successfully made it, you can then measure the size of the folder.

How quickly does it need to be? Your website page should have to load for as long as three seconds or less. However, if you need to have richer graphics on that page, then that would mean that the page will most likely consume a lot of time before it finally loads. Thus, you need to find a balance between having rich graphics and gaining customers.

Content delivery network.

Tips to optimize your e-commerce store speed

If your business has a wide scope and there are customers coming into your online store from around the world, it would be great if you use a content delivery network. This cache your online store’s content into the server that your customers are using. As a result, there would be a lesser time spent in having your page loaded.

So for example, if you have a customer in the US, and you are in Australia, then a content delivery network would be awesome such that it lets the customer load your website into a much nearer server than hitting it on the master server which is in Australia.

Compress data.

Tips to optimize your e-commerce store speed

By using a compression software, you can have a reduced size of the data that will be sent to a browser. The compression of data will occur on the server side, then after completion, it returns to the client whose browser is requesting for the same data.

It is most likely that right now, you are actually thinking of seeking the aid of a developer expertise. Well, you have the right idea.

However, before you go on with compressing data, you will have to make sure that your customers are not using older browsers as the data compression software that you or your developer may use might not be compatible those.

Image dimensions.

Tips to optimize your e-commerce store speed

As mentioned earlier, you should reduce the size of your page. And with this reduction, you should be able to adjust your image dimensions or set one that is going to be the constant size. Doing this will give you the opportunity to have the page and image load simultaneously, no hassle for both you and your customers’ end.

What happens if you fail to do this? That would be nothing else but trouble. Your page would not only take its time in loading everything that you have set in there, it will also need to load the page first before proceeding with the images, which is quite an eyesore for your customers. When you do set the image dimensions, however, your page will load as fast while allotting the specified space for the images. Another advantage of this would be that it can automatically adjust depending on what kind of device your customer is using while browsing for products in your store, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Efficient.

Site speed.

Tips to optimize your e-commerce store speed

From time to time, you need to monitor your site speed. This will enable you to determine whether its speed is fluctuating so as to resolve the issue as soon as possible. You just cannot let your customers suffer for so long, and you also cannot let them stay away from your website because of an unmonitored site speed.

Remember though, a site only needs to load for at most three seconds. Now, if after you have checked it out you have realized that it took longer than that, you need to resolve the issues that come with it. You can find a lot of tools in order to measure and diagnose your site speed so you are going to be fine with it.

These are the tips to optimize your e-commerce store speed. You should keep this in mind in order for you to maintain the wholesome experience that you can offer to your customers. Again, it is not enough to have the best e-commerce platform, or the best quality of products, or a fabulous theme for your online store to have customers and excellent sales performance. You will also have to have its speed to be monitored so that you can resolve issues immediately.

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