Top 5 best apps to track your inventory

Whether your business is wholesale, retail, or a combination of the two, any product-based business owner knows that your inventory is your business. If you’re not paying attention to where your inventory is, how much you have available, re-ordering needs, inventory financing, and so much more, you can easily be wasting your money on products no one wants while missing opportunities to offer the products your customers are most excited about.

That’s where inventory management apps come in. Fortunately, an explosion of inventory-related technology means that there are more inventory management apps on the market than ever before, offering custom options sure to fit any business’s needs. The only problem is which ones do you choose? We’re breaking down 5 top inventory apps to help you select the best fit for your operation.


  1. Lettuce- Lettuce is an inventory and order management system that enables SMBs to capture, track, and process orders from multiple sales channels. Lettuce is a simple order management system with a mobile sales app enabling your business to capture, track, and process orders anywhere in real time. We primarily focus on small and medium-sized businesses.


  1. Goods order inventory- $18.99-$319.99/month (14 days Free Trial). With options for mobile, desktop, and web-based access, this app is on the pricier side of those we reviewed. GOI has 5 pricing plan designed to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes. Multiple platform options, easy sorting and filtering, multiple location capabilities, barcode scanning, and convenient reporting options make this a great choice for following the life cycle of products and tracking vendors. Stay connected to your business and inventory with Goods Order Inventory, an app with mobile, desktop, and web availability. Manage multiple locations, users, and mobile access. Key features are: Real-time inventory synching to create, disperse, manage, and track, Barcode scanning with mobile devices and it has user-friendly interfaces with easy navigation. If you’re looking for a basic inventory management app that will simply allow you to take a look at your inventory situation while you’re away, then try Goods Order Inventory. This particular app can synch your inventory, manage orders, and track sales, in real time, on your mobile device. A downside could be that it doesn’t integrate with other systems or software. However, in a pinch, you can still export a spreadsheet from the app to review your data. This smartphone app is available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices, and is currently available for free. There is a pro version with more features on the horizon.


  1. Canvas- Free Trial and individual quote. Canvas has a whopping 242 different inventory management apps, specialized for a myriad of uses. From classrooms to paramedic drug inventory, restaurants to general barcode inventory tracking, Canvas has an option that will suit your needs. A big appeal to this family of apps, beyond the endless choices, is the multiple system compatibilities, and the no-risk free trial. Canvas offers several inventory tracking and management apps, including Inventory Tracking Sheet with Barcoding, Inventory Tracking Sheet, and Inventory Tracking. Visit the Canvas site to compare the various apps and choose the one that best fits their needs. The free trials make Canvas inventory tracking and management apps even more attractive. Key features are: has Set of tools that provides data collection forms for a variety of devices, can Accurately track products and supplies quickly, can Track by department, location information, and item, Beginning and ending dates, item number, description, current quantities, last date item was inventoried and Designed for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PlayBook, Windows mobile, and Windows desktop.
  2.  Inventory tracker- This free app is designed for Ventipix Asset software. Compatible with mobile device barcode/QR code scanning, as well as external scanning, it also allows for uploading or taking photos as part of asset profiles. The app works offline and will sync when an internet connection is available and has convenient spreadsheet import and export options when you need your information available outside the app. The Inventory Tracker app is one you should take a look at. Please note that it is designed only for the iPad. This comprehensive inventory app synchronizes your inventory and comes complete with high-function features you might think would only come with a desktop application. And you can’t beat the price, a lite version of the app is free to try it out, and you can purchase the pro version for only $3.99.


  1. Business inventory- Business Inventory is an app for tracking product levels, orders, sales, and deliveries. Designed for the iPhone and the iPad, Business Inventory is useful for tracking inventory as it is transported between locations, receiving items into warehouses or other locations, and picking, packing, and shipping items from a warehouse. Key features include: Barcode reader, can Produce photo from native library or camera, a Quality database with unlimited inventory entries. This is another basic inventory management app that can track product levels, orders, sales as well as deliveries. A few of Business Inventory‘s top features include photo product listings that can be taken with your phone camera, barcode support, and the ability to export data to an email or spreadsheet. Right now, this app is only available for iOS. The price is inexpensive; it’s just 99 cents.


When you are away from the warehouse, or even if you’re in the office, inventory management can be overwhelming. Give yourself peace of mind by having inventory information in the palm of your hand. Current inventory control apps can give you the information you need right at the time you need it. This will give you continuous insights into your warehouse operations and provide you the ability to troubleshoot problems wherever you are, whether you’re home with a sick child or soaking up the sun at the beach. These inventory apps vary in cost and capabilities, but there is something for everyone, even with the smallest budget. What inventory management apps you think will fit your business?



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