Which businesses will remain on top after Amazon launches in Australia?

Amazon is going to launch in Australia pretty soon, in fact, the largest online retailer in the United States is already having its preliminary steps in order to participate in the celebration of the Black Friday sales. Ever since rumours have it that Amazon is coming to Australia, many businesses have been alarmed about their own existence when Amazon finally arrives. With the competition that is going to exist in the e-commerce industry, there should be something to be done.

As you may have known, small business and medium-sized business are somehow seen to be in danger with the arrival of Amazon in Australia. But not only that, almost all of the businesses have been trying to prepare themselves and their businesses regarding the ways on how they can possibly survive and thrive with Amazon.

But which business will remain on top after Amazon launches in Australia?

Apparently, in continents where Amazon has landed, the businesses that are most able to survive are those that are digitally native vertical brands. These are those brands that can design, customize, manufacture, and sell their own products and those of which are capable of gaining some control over the experiences of the customers.

It is most likely to be concluded that the businesses in Australia that can survive and thrive with Amazon are the same digitally native vertical brands. Thus, it would be necessary for you to read on and find out how you can do this.

Here are some of the ways in which you can compete with the US retail giant.

Sell on Amazon

Which businesses will remain on top after Amazon launches in Australia?

One of the most strategic ways for you to compete with Amazon is to create an Amazon Seller account for yourself and for your business. It is known that you cannot defeat this retail giant but hey, that does not mean that you cannot compete with it. Selling on the platform would be awesome especially that you can take advantage of its global reach. The broader your audience, the greater is the chance that you can have the sales that you want.

You can also save some overhead payments when you take the FBA. This is where you ship your products to the fulfilment centres and they will be the ones responsible for the shipping, tracking, and the returns. You only need a customer and an order then so that Amazon can do its magic in shipping your products to your customers.

Enhance your customer services

Which businesses will remain on top after Amazon launches in Australia?

In spite of the competition that you and your business may have with Amazon, you need to make sure that you do offer impressive customer services. This will give you the opportunity to have your customers again buying your products. You only need to satisfy the needs and demands of your customers as much as you can.

One of the flaws that Amazon in Australia can make is to have a rather detached customer service because of how massive it is. They just wouldn’t be able to keep up with it and focus on the customers. You, on the other hand, can definitely please the customers by making the right things for them and for your store. Just attend to their needs and do it with enthusiasm and you’ll be fine.

Be creative with your products

Which businesses will remain on top after Amazon launches in Australia?

Not only do you have to make your products seem unique from others. You also need to unleash your creativity in order to lure your customers to your store. In fact, one of the best strategies that you can have here is to market a customizable product so that your customers will be able to customize it when they have purchased it already. Aside from being unique, you are also developing a creative way to get your customers coming to your store.

Establish authority in your niche

Which businesses will remain on top after Amazon launches in Australia?

Another impressive strategy that you can have for your online store to boost sales and website traffic is to establish your authority in your chosen niche. Your customers should not have any doubts in the way that you are having your business and in the quality of your products.

As a suggestion for you to achieve this kind of effect, you need to have a content and email marketing for your store and products. You should be able to be updated on what is happening in the industry, in the niche that you have been working on, and have an accurate information for each of your blogs, for example. Weekly newsletter to promote your products and services to your customer will also do great for your online store.


Which businesses will remain on top after Amazon launches in Australia?

Keep your customers in mind. You should consider their situation in order to somehow have the idea of what they would like your online store to offer for them. Some of those may be regarding the shipping fee or the promos that you can have in your store. You can have free shipping for example for every purchase that they make. You can also have some attractive promotions for your products and make sure that these could reach your target customers.

It would be an interesting move for your online store actually affect the offers and promos during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday because your customers can acknowledge you this way. So, you need some really attractive and worth of attention kind of promos and offers.

Just because the greatest online retailing store in the US is coming your way does not mean that you don’t have a say in the market. You still have the chance to win your customers over the other competitors in the industry. To do this, you need to think well and decide well for the sake of your business and its survival.

Step up and sell your products!

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