Which eCommerce platform is right for the size of your business?

In entering the realm of e-commerce, you just can’t risk taking a step you are unsure of. One of the most basic things that you need to have is a reliable e-commerce platform that also offers convenience of usage. You should be able to choose one in which you are at ease in adding up your products or in customizing your online store.

The size of your business should have an impact on what e-commerce platform you should use for yourself. There are a lot of factors to consider for this decision and you need to have a proper grounding as to which one is right for the size of your business. Fortunately, you have landed on the right page.

What you need to do first though is to determine the size of your business. This way, you will not have such a hard time in making a decision out of the e-commerce platforms that are included in this page.

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Woo Commerce.

Which eCommerce platform is right for the size of your business?

Woo Commerce claims to be the most customizable e-commerce platform in building your online business especially if you have a small to medium-sized business. It is awesome in a way that it is a free plugin, which means that you do not have to pay to enjoy the company of Woo Commerce while you are planning your start-up business. However, if you want to install themes for your online store to look presentable, you can choose for themes here with a range of 48.96 AUD to 174.49 AUD. You can also have some paid extensions too but these do have additional fees. Woo Commerce also has premium plans which can let you pay for 25.11 AUD to 62.77 AUD per month.

Since Woo Commerce has an awesome seamless integration with WordPress, you can actually sell your products and services worldwide. This only adds up to the many features that Woo Commerce has for its users. One of those is that Woo Commerce is actually a mobile-friendly platform. You can set things up in the platform to make it available for a convenient viewing even on smartphones. As you can notice in this generation, almost everybody owns a smartphone and it can do almost everything that is significant for a person as well, such as shopping. Instead of dressing up and go shopping, it is already very convenient to shop online and wait for it to be shipped in the area.

Customer support of Woo Commerce is also very helpful in times when you get yourself into trouble while using the e-commerce platform. You can have the support through several channels, or you can submit a ticket to the support team so you can get a tech support. Resources on troubleshooting errors yourself are already in the FAQ section of the platform. You can opt for the Community Section, WooThemes Documentation and even in the videos section and look for the right file where you can answer your queries for your use of the Woo Commerce platform.


Which eCommerce platform is right for the size of your business?

You can also have the popular Shopify e-commerce platform for your small to medium-sized business. In this platform, you can be very successful even if you only have layman’s knowledge on how it should be used. Using Shopify in setting up your online store will not require you to have a tech knowledge. The platform already has the basic features that you will be needing in order to be successful in setting up your store. In fact, because it is easy to use, it has been utilized by over 100,000 businesses.

Shopify is not for free, but the price is worth it. You can have it at 11.30 AUD per month for a Shopify Lite platform which helps you out in trying whether the platform suits your interests and capabilities. You can have the 1GB storage at 36.42 AUD, 5GB of storage lets you pay for 99.20 AUD per month and 375.45 AUD per month if you want to have an unlimited storage. You can also have some beautification of your online store with the themes available in Shopify’s. Although they do have some free themes, you might just as well invest into having a paid theme which ranges from 100.46 AUD to 226.03 AUD.

One of the useful features of this e-commerce platform is that it has already packed its tools in order to help you out in setting up your store. You do not have to look for other plug-ins and such hassle because Shopify has it all. In fact, even social media integration is possible with this platform. This is to advertise or promote your products and services on social media sites especially that a lot of customers may come from there.

Customer support is also on point as they have made available a 24/7 customer support so you can consult the team at any time of the day when you encounter a trouble on your use of the platform. This is definitely beneficial for you because you do not have to feel abandoned nor do you have to wait for long before you can have the answer for your questions.

Medium to Large-Sized Businesses


Which eCommerce platform is right for the size of your business?

Magento is quite a complicated e-commerce platform such that it is for medium to large-sized businesses only and not for small ones. The scalability and growth of your business are of focus here.

Although Magento may seem a tough e-commerce platform, it also has its advantages as well. You do not have to have monthly subscription fee in order to avail of its services since this is a community-edition platform. The only paid thing here are the plug-ins and the additional extensions if you need to have even more advanced settings and tools for your online store.

Also, the use of Magento does not require you to have excellent coding skills. You can actually have your website customized even if you only have a basic knowledge on the platform because there are thousands of templates that the designers have already built before you even have the opportunity to learn about this e-commerce platform. Your payment options for your customers are also secured, one of the payment options offered is through Paypal, which is already familiar to a lot of people already. With Magento, you can have the extensive SEO tools that can help you drive traffic to your website, offer promotions and the like.


Which eCommerce platform is right for the size of your business?

BigCommerce is another reliable e-commerce platform that can help you with your store. However, this platform is only for the use of businesses that can earn up to about 100 million AUD in their online sales. The tools that BigCommerce provides are all going to be able to help you set up a store that is also competitive among the others.

You can have the BigCommerce subscription by paying 37.69 AUD to 251.28 AUD per month. You are also charged for the transactions that you make with this e-commerce platform. Templates are available for you to browse and use as there are about 100 of them free for your use. They also have paid templates too.

One of its awesome features is that you can actually customize the template that they have already designed. This fits best with your business especially if you want to suit your branding to the template that you are using. The changes that you make in this platform will not affect your online store, except when the changes meant to effect the changes. you have the tools right in this platform in order for you to generate your website traffic and let your customers come back to your store once again as they can purchase anything at speedy manner.

Customer support in BigCommerce is amazing as well. When you were using a different platform prior to Big Commerce, the support team can help you have an easy transition process. This way, you can have a convenience transition. Plus, the account managers here are also into helping big businesses maximize their sales!

Now you know about the different e-commerce platforms that you can use when you set up your online store or develop it to be even more attractive in the eyes of your customers. What you need to do is to decide well on which one you are going to have especially considering the size of business that you have.

So, which do you think would fit your business?

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