Woocommerce Platform: The free E-commerce add-on for WordPress

Have you realized the evolution of commerce? If you are a merchant yourself, you are most likely to notice that most of the successful stores right now have an online page. As a result, they can have sales from their local branch and another sale for their online store. This is a strategy that most businessmen are looking into nowadays. The competition has gone better as it has become more challenging for merchants to have their own styles of marketing to lure people in.

What happens when you don’t adapt to this? You lose your customers. As buyers, people might just want to have a shop that they can find at any place that they can be. The most convenient way for this is to have an online shop as most people nowadays are into online shopping. With this solution, you can have your brand known, reach more audience, and have the possibility of having more sales at the end of the day.

For you to be competitive in the e-commerce sector, you need to find the right tools that can lead you the right way. This can be a platform where you can build, customize and display your products. Your chosen platform shouldn’t be too difficult to handle especially if you are only starting up. Meaning, you can have little to no knowledge about coding and other technical skills that you need to have to access other e-commerce platforms.

Woocommerce Platform: The free E-commerce add-on for WordPress

So, what should you use instead? Woocommerce platform is the perfect answer to that question. This is an e-commerce add-on that you can have for your account on WordPress in order to build and customize your dream online store. How could this platform help you with your business?

Woocommerce can help you out in building and manage your online store in so many ways. In fact, here are its key features.



You do not have to pay anything with the use of Woocommerce for your online store. This platform is totally free and is used by a lot of people already all around the world. You can sell anything with it. Name your product, and you’ll be fine.

Conveniently integrates with WordPress.

As you may know already, Woocommerce is just an add-on that you can have or WordPress. These are compatible platforms that encourage to have your online store built up quick and easy. But, why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular methods of creating a website. And that is worldwide! You can just imagine the millions of people around the world using WordPress for their own brands also. This is the very reason why Woocommerce has been integrated with WordPress. The users will no longer have to bother to find another resource in order to have their store up and going. This makes Woocommerce the most convenient e-commerce platform for most merchants.

This is actually an advantage for you because you can compete with the others in the industry. By using impressive platforms such as WordPress and Woocommerce, you can do what the successful merchants are doing. You can be able to achieve what they have already done and even more!

Payment gateways.

Woocommerce Platform: The free E-commerce add-on for WordPress

You can actually offer excellent options for payments for your customers’ orders. Woocommerce has got you covered even on this one. You do not have to worry about it. Woocommerce has already been teaming up with PayPal, BACS, and even offers a cash on delivery when accepting payments.

This way, neither you nor your customers have to think about how to handle the payments. Credit cards and cash are accepted which is totally a convenient trade between you and your customers. Also, if you need to have a specific gateway for the payments, you can actually have a look at Woocommerce’s extensions. This platform is really impressive.

Shipping options.

Woocommerce Platform: The free E-commerce add-on for WordPress

Did you know that Woocommerce is also offering you a choice whether you want to ship your products in a certain country or not? This is actually becoming too much of Woocommerce and take note, this e-commerce platform is for free!

Anyway, yes, you have read it right. You can set up your online store if you have a certain country where you do not want your products to be shipped. You can also offer a free shipping to some countries and a flat-rate type also.

Compatible theme.

Woocommerce has integrated with Storefront, a free WordPress theme that has an amazing feature. With this, your online store does not have to be bland. Plus, in any updates of Woocommerce, the theme can easily adapt. Rest assured, you can have a really great time selling online with these.

But, if you think that Storefront is the only theme available for you, then that would be a mistake. Woocommerce has been integrated with thousands of free and attractive themes for your store. You can pick the one that appeals most to you. Storefront is the official theme of Woocommerce which covers all of the basics that you need to have in your online store.

Excellent customer service.

Aside from the fact that you and your customers can have different options for payments, you can also keep track of their questions and concerns for your online store. With Woocommerce Product FAQs, your customers can leave questions for you on your site which will then be displayed on the FAQ on every product page that you have. This will make it easier for the other customers to have their answers especially if they do encounter the same problem. By answering their questions, you can let them know what you think about it and how you can help them. Other customers then who may come later can have the answer even without having to ask the question first.

How does Woocommerce assist the merchants?

Woocommerce Platform: The free E-commerce add-on for WordPress

The support system of Woocommerce is impressive because they are like a family where they help one another. Staffs assigned in here can guide you through from building your online store, to customizing and a whole lot more!

You may not know it by now, but it is really inevitable that you can formulate questions and ask for help in your situation. Especially when you are new to e-commerce, you might just feel like you need to study about web development. But with Woocommerce support system, you do not have to do as much. Woocommerce also has a public forum where you can raise your concerns and have the community answer you. In fact, you can also answer the queries of the other users as well.

E-commerce is really an exciting technological evolution. Now, you do not only have your local store but you can also have an online one which can reach the target audience in another continent. And, thanks to the impressive e-commerce platforms available, you can also have a great time while you are creating your online store and customizing everything up. If you do not know where to start, then you should do with a WordPress and have the Woocommerce platform, a free e-commerce add-on!

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